Destiny Chain

It is so unfortunate in a world we find ourselves, where people live their lives as if their existence is the only important thing. So many people overlook the amount of lives attached to theirs, and decided to live in a way that suits them. Do you not even know so many depend on your survival, so many destinies are patiently waiting for you to breakthrough just because you are the path to their own greatness. 

No wonder many reminisce that 'if not for their dad, one uncle, a faraway aunty that died, they wouldn't have been at this stage', and just because of your own ignorance and selfishness, you decided to live like a one man mopol, while many lives lie in ruins. 

Its high time you pick the pieces of your life and make a meaning out of it, fight for what you believe, believe in your principles as long as they are right, help those that depend on you. If you didn't help them, they will eventually get it somewhere else, but wouldn't be as easy and straight if it were to be you. 

To close this, pray for those that help you and live right for those that you will help.
Have a blessed week...  

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