Why Not Now

Mark Twain

No one recognizes a man at the valley of decision. Just because facilities are not available, we are discouraged to start something. We only wait for the best moment, when we reminisce if I could just get a million naira, if I could just get a visa, if my friend could just help me to pay for the goods, while we forget that a thousand mile journey starts with a step.

If only Mark Zuckerberg had thought internet should be at a matured level before he started, he might not have harnessed almost all the strength of social media. If Bill Gate had taken little more time to think about the decision of starting Microsoft, probably someone might have hijacked the idea. Those are just few out of many who made time their friends and made sure they started before the rainy day.

Look beyond what your mind fears, project more into the future, let the results judge your decisions and your decisions shouldn't judge your result. Look inside of you and see that big thing manifest. A man remains a shadow of himself until he does something different.

If at all you can't remembered for a problem you created, why not a problem you solved. We are what we think we are, and the only thing we can't do are the things we don't want to do. Man has got enough capability to do anything.

That thing, that has stayed at the corridor of the mind just have to start now. Its not gonna be big in a day. You just have to start small, and with time, its gonna be what you always wanted to start with. You can't go beyond the man you look up to or wish to be without starting first.

But start first and now.....

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