Words of Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew said, 'Between being loved and being feared, I have always believed Machiavelli is right, if you are not feared, then you are meaningless'.
Some just have to hate and some have to love you but make sure it is because of your personality and integrity.

Who would anyway disagree with Lee, Machiavelli was a ruthless man who is no coward, who believes sternly in his principles and will never let go until he sees the end of it. Well, many may dislike him for it, but he made significant impacts before he left.

Therefore, in life situations, no matter how good you can be, you will surely have your own detractors, those that don't still love you despite your magnanimity, why then should you not stand on your rights instead of pleasing them, why don't you allow them to choose whether to love you or loathe you.

How much more do we start to mention those that were eliminated despite their humane actions, your good characters wouldn't still change the opinions of those that choose to hate you anyway, why don't you then do what your successors will believe in you for and not what they will deviate from, why don't you stand for the right things and make both friends and enemies, rather than cow and still make both friends and enemies.

A life without impact is a life without weight.....

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  1. Hmmmmmmm rightly said but that should not leave out our service to humanity just as your blog yesterday that talked about "life being attached to others, your breakthrough is someone's upcoming" THERE IS PEACE WHEN YOU SERVE OTHERS IN LOVE.

  2. Hunnn.. Like the saying which goes thus: "no matter how good of a person you are ,there will always be some people who would hate you with no reason ,do good anyways " one can't satisfy human, that's nature so it's best you be yourself