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Do not give up on life yet, sometimes a forward momentum slows to a crawl, but that does not mean you are not moving, keep moving, miles are being covered” – Adekunle Amos

Today, we have a very important topic before us. What exactly can stop me from moving, achieving, and accomplishing? Is it somebody else, challenges or failure? Should things be hard in the first place? Is it true that the only way to up is down?

Well, no one successful has it rosy in the first place. We have all got a share of pains, fears and sorrows. Albert Einstein was dyslexic, Bill Gates  and Mark Zuckerberg took the risky decision to drop out of college and chase their dreams, apart from Steve Jobs also dropping out from Reed College due to financial lack, he had to sleep on the floor of friends rooms and also gather coke bottles to make money. You might not even know the parents of Steve Jobs put him up for adoption after birth. A poor family of Paul Jobs took him up and after it, Steve Jobs had to call his father and mother aSperm and Egg bank” who just brought him to the world.

One thing is similar with these people; despite their challenges, limitations and fears, they were not stopped or overwhelmed by these situations. Actually, these sad situations can’t stop one, they can only delay one. The only person authorized and has the capacity to stop you is yourself”.

Yes, you alone can stop yourself by the decision to stop trying. Situations come and go; only the strong remain. Don’t ever think you are the only one passing through a serious or challenging situation. So many have passed it and many are still doing so. Remember, “You are in to win it, and win it you must. You have not crossed the line; do not relent because in a blink of an eye you can lose your tent. Therefore, Bolt up” - Adekunle Amos.

While you are fighting for the positions of others, so many are also fighting to take your position. The world is quite challenging. A saying goes, “Many were called, few were chosen, yet, only the fittest survived”. Therefore, only your skills, intelligence, smartness and the likes are not enough, your resilience is also very important. I once slept at a roundabout just to acquire knowledge and become great and I didn’t die sleeping there. So that situation can’t actually kill you, it can only make you stronger.

Fight hard to become what your heart desires; what you wish and where you will like to see yourself tomorrow. What you don’t fight for or reach out to don’t come by chance. Success doesn’t just hit you while lying down in shame and failure. Success comes when you are prepared and ready to accommodate it. If life doesn’t test you well, how will she trust you with success? How will life be so sure you can handle wealth, fame and riches?

Robert Kiyosaki says, “Successful people don’t fear failure, but understand that it is necessary to learn and grow from”. Yes, failure can’t stop you, so don’t fear it. If you must succeed, then you must have a story. I mean, a story emotional enough, captivating and motivating to push others farther in their own journey. 

According to Roy Bennett, “People cannot hit what they do not aim for”. Stop fantasizing about what you don’t have and still don’t fight for. Those with it fought assiduously to get it, you can only get it if you fight. You have to be envious of success. You have to covet success so much that you go late to bed and wake very early just to achieve it. It must really hit and hurt you that you have not gotten to the level you wished. Stop at nothing to achieve your desired goal.

Thomas Edison says, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up”. Most times, we quit the journey when we are at the last junction to the destination. The only thing we need at the moment is little push, little encouragement, little will, little desire and little strength. The exact time you discovered you want to quit or feel like quitting shows that you are almost there.

In the words of Sochiro Honda, “Success is ninety-nine percent failure”. 


You have to fail to pass. It may not be the conventional failure, but a setback, challenge or slowing down of things. Things might just not be going on well for now, do not relent, fight hard, be strong, open up, fix your eyes on the trophy, dream of the goal and see yourself do it in a beautiful way.

In essence, no one can stop you. You alone have the right to stop yourself. I can’t wait to hear your success story and share your struggling story with us on how you made it.

We hope you check back for another beautiful piece.

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