USA or CHINA or You!! which is the best?

USA, China

With the Advent of Innovations, It seems Many Nations have been on the top list of the creme de la creme in terms of invention of those things that make life easier for everyone.

Among these nations are two particular Nations that will never seize being in the face of the media and wowing the masses. They have proved their mettle beyond doubts and they have not rested their oars or planning to. These two Nations are the United States of America (USA) and China (the largest country in terms of human population).

In a Micro Electronics class of 15 Students, 
Ø  Mr Fash: calls out Bright, Hey! Bright?
Identify between China , U S A and Yourself, Which is the best in Fantasizing, thereby turning it to Inventions and building up technology.

Ø  Bright Begins: Technology it self means?

The combinations of two greek words "techne and logoswhich means:
(Techne) art, skill, craft, or the way, manner, or means by which a thing is gained. (Logos) word, the utterance by which inward thought is expressed, a saying, or an expression. 

See also:

Therefore, technology means words or discourse about the way things are gained.

Sorry Sir, my earlier definition does not so much related to what we regarded as technology neither has it answers your question but be patient with me.......

ØMr Fash(In a low tune): So what exactly is Technology? Technology is whatever you define it to be.  

Ø  Mr Fash( shouted ): Bright!!!!

Ø  Bright: Excuse me sir, I need a cup of Water  please? Well, technology is the rational process of creating means to order and transform matter, energy, and information to realize certain valued ends.  

Are you satisfied now sir?
USA claims to own Google, Microsoft OS, Facebook, Android OS, Mac OS, Internet working across nations and other forms of Software inventions.

Was all this really the work or inventions of US

No! but some set of individuals fantasizing things thereby becoming creative as regards the idea which in turns leads to those inventions. But fortunately for USA, the Inventors are within the country so, its easy to lay claims of ownership on such Advancement/innovations.

US are so much gifted in employing external hands to get their things done, this alone as made it very much possible for gifted programmers and developers across the globe to become US citizens after working with Various US companies for a very long time tirelessly.

These great Ideas of getting things done are one of the things that make the US to have numerous claims of various inventions:
      1.   In house Inventors, (US citizen)
     2.   External Inventors now becoming a citizen

Ø  Mr Fash(carried away): Wow… Continue Bright....

Ø  Bright: Thank You sir…..Chinese on the other hand are so much gifted with Hardware and Electronics but relies to certain extent on The US for Software to keep their Gadgets Running.

Note sir: Chinese current population is above 1.3 billion while that of the USA is well above 300 million but not up to 500 million as at 2018. Does That means China is poor with Software?

See also:

No! No!! No!!!, In fact Chinese programmers are one of the best programmers in the world but Chinese are very unique in one thing, they make use of in house expert majorly for their things. 

Chinese has their dedicated programming languages (Chinese C++, Chinese BASIC, Chinese Python and many others).

It is an undeniable fact that we humans get to relate accurately with whatever is been done using our native language. Meaning we achieve more when we invent things in the best of our way, (language and culture).

It is so much obvious in China of today the rate at which development hits their land. This is so because, many of their things are done in their way (language and culture) and this in turns has made it well easy for even a common man to relate with everything they invented. For example, Speed Train, Smart Phones, Robotics, Self Driving cars, Hovering Vehicles, Air crafts, Bullet Trains and so on.

Lord Macaulays in his address to the British Paliarment on 2nd feb 1835 says:-

Replacing a nations old and ancient  education system, her culture with that of the foreign will make such nations thinks all that is foreign is good and greater than their own, this will make them loose their self-esteem, native culture and becomes whatever their dominants wanted them to be” 

This was achieved in some major Africans continent and few other continent but not so much effective with the china due to their resistance to foreign things dominating them. China is enjoying this today.

Does that make "China" or "I" better than US as regards your initial question sir?
Well, derive your answer at the end of my speech. (With due respect sir).

According to a wise one, 'Humans made things, Things do not make humans'

US will not be where she is today without the discoveries of those great personalities that ever existed among  them neither will china be among the best without those ones who invented the great things among them.

In other words, Inventions/Technology was first a fantasy or imaginations in the mind of an individual which with the right motivations, got worked upon or developed and becomes a reality been celebrated or used today by masses.

With due respect sir, if everyone including you sir stopped thinking, fantasizing, and coming up with new ideas, there will be no US is better than China or China is better speech am giving today.
In conclusion, I am greater than the nations I found myself. Without you and I there is no nation, without our innovative ideas, there will be no technological advancement in any nation; I am the one who practices the culture, the one who speaks the language, and the one who will put all this into various activities that will become something to reckon with as a nation and thereby making the world a better place.

This has brought about the uproars and outcries of the Nigerian youths on the necessity of the government to create an enabling environment for the youths to thrive. It is not a rocket science to produce a 24 hour power supply, however, this has become a dream never coming through in Nigeria, leaves the youths frustrated and push them into unholy devices. This brought about the articles WAEC for president and governors, Bachelor's degree for the citizens and also Nigeria is not ripe for independence

I don't believe a constant power supply is too much for the Nigerian youths ask for from the government. There might not be justification for the wrong ways of making money employed by the Nigerian youths, how then do you explain the irresponsibility of the government officials who are only after their own pockets, serving for a short time and still looking for avenues to steal and collect pension. 

We are definitely our own problems. Nigerian youths should rise, wake and demand for their right. It has happened in the past. You can check Lee Yuan Kew: started like Nigeria, ended like SIngapore, Thomas Sankara: An African Revolutionary and Jerry Rawlings: The man that saved Ghana and see that the shape and view of the country is actually in our hands. We can definitely make our country what we want it to be if we want to.

With due respect sir;
I thereby push the question back to you, Which is the best in US, China and You?

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  2. What an interesting read! Please keep it up
    Nigeria needs to open her eyes to local inventors, we can actually do and achieve a lot if only we respect our own culture and language. China is what it is today because they didn't allow the west to erode their culture and language. Nigeria can also be the best if we work on our mentality and self-esteem