I Saw 'Something'

Last week was a very big one in my life, a gigantic mole of mountain to climb, a zenith of understanding to scatter, a piece of memorizing to do and an application of wisdom to perfect. 

Such a small boy I was, how could I have seen 'something' bigger than me. I saw 'something' beyond me, 'something' that could have taken my life away in a blink, how do I survive such experience, who could have deciphered such moment, who would have wanted to help me through the wilderness of what I saw, then I knew life is unfair. Truly, all fingers are not equal. 

Why didn't the world big men get a share of what I saw. Why the little poor me who has a little knowledge about life. Why not those that have traveled through the corners of the earth, why not those that control riches and wealth, why not the most powerful people on earth and why not the most influential people on the continent, why must I be the one to see such a thing.

It was beyond my knowledge and thought the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos could have an answer. Jeff Bezos is the owner of the popular online marketing forum, Amazon. He is worth more than a ninety billion dollars, some billions away from the former richest Bill Gates. He was on a walk with a robot right beside him when we conversed. Good day sir, i saw 'Something' , so big and marvelous, more than what someone of my age could comprehend. With your wealth of business acumen, can you please help me out with this. He wore a frown face, took a deep breath and imagined how i would have felt if he had no explanation. I got the cold message that chilled down my spine, an unexpected one, he had no idea of what I saw. Then I discovered that being rich doesn't make you know everything.

I thought of Bill Gates. He also has a wealth of experience both in riches and business, then he should have an explanation. I got to the popular Microsoft office where I met him and Melinda, what a happy family. They have almost everything at their disposal and might not only have power over death. They are an auspicious couple and one to behold especially for their acts of philanthropy. Then I knew I needed not go anywhere else for my answer than here. I presented what I saw to him, much of his nature is calmness,  I was more marveled at his reaction when he saw it, he almost mentioned few words until he gave me the usual rhetorics, he couldn't explain what he saw.

My journey never ended there. I went to the popular Silicon Valley, where most world controlling tech companies are located. Luckily, I was able to reach the popular owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg to unravel the mystery behind what I saw. Mark is a handsome young man, not too tall and not short, he is lively and very introverted. No wonder he is that intelligent I believed. I went straight into the business of the day, which was to show him what I saw and get an answer to the jigsaw puzzle. His response was daunting. He almost said something until he told me he had no idea. Now I knew what I saw was beyond my knowledge. I knew I was really in a big trouble.

I then branched at the popular Google company to see Larry Page himself. He has through his establishment answered so many questions, both meaningful and stupid. Should someone want to piss, he might open Google to ask how to do it. Definitely, this is the right place to be. I met him at late hours, no thanks to his busy schedule. He eventually attended to me and tried to break it down. He slotted into Google, options came but no right answer. He told me to try again while I saw in his eyes he had no answer.

I just thought, why not go and meet the world most powerful president, Donald Trump. There is another life inside the White House. Security in there is top notch and I was almost losing my temper and hope before I met the president of America. I believed I have gotten the mystery behind what I saw. Trump is the man who contested the presidency with Hillary Cliton in a fairly contested election. He was sworn in after the tenure of Barrack Obama of the Democratic party.

There was a table set up, filled with all types of assorted delicacies which might not be found in popular places in Nigeria. After a sumptuous meal with the world president, then came the business of the day. President sir, here is what i saw, world renowned persons have no idea of what i saw. Can you kindly help out, sir? He looked keenly for several minutes at what I saw, called his myriads of aides and advisers for proper dissection. All tried their opinions but it was all very opposite of what i saw, no clear explanation and had to tell me to try somewhere else.

I was so downcast and knew all hope to explain what I saw is gone. Even the most powerful people on earth couldn't explain what I saw. I returned home in a sober mood and took my time to reflect on what I saw. After much perusal of what I saw, despite my pristine knowledge of life, I was eventually able to decode what I saw. I felt so happy and elated. 

So I could have done this without anybody. I could have seen what the Gates of the world couldn't see. I never knew strength is not in size, but in one self. So the 'Something' that I saw was actually 'Nothing'. Who could have seen 'Nothing' and explained anyway. 

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