7 Hard Truths of Life


7 Hard Truths of Life

Everyone is Destined to Die

Francis Bacon says, men fear death, as children fear to go in the dark; and as that natural fear in children is increased with tales, so is the other. We are all sojourners after all, passing through the earth like a wind, with a starting point called birth, and the ending point called death. We all acknowledge no one is leaving this earth entrapment alive. Therefore, we have to accept that our contract can be terminated at any time, so as our loved ones. While we love those close and dear to us, we should know that they can exit this earth at any time as well as us before them. We should always believe those we see now; we may never see them again at any time. When we realize this, and death knocks, then the heaviness of our heart will be more manageable.

The Realities of Life

We give Meaning to our Lives

A proverb says that he that lives long suffers much. Our transition through the earth is quite temporary. Today we are here and tomorrow we are there, today we are down, and tomorrow we are up. This can also go otherwise. The truth is that our current life and design is an accumulation of our actions and inactions since we started living. No one is appointed to give a meaning to our life, we are to do it ourselves. Everyone for himself, and God for us all. Don’t wait on other people to make it, they are also trying to save their own lives. If you are also interested in saving people, then try to save yourself first. You are responsible for whatever you become in life.

No Perfect Partner

Honor de Balzac says it is easier to be a lover than a husband. Robertson Davies also says as a general rule, people marry most happily with their own kind. The trouble lies in the fact that people usually marry at an age where they do not really know what their own kind is. It is all a movie or fairytale when we expect so much from our partner or we expect them to tick all the boxes we have planned. If my partner is right for me, am I also right for my partner. We should rather be more concerned about our partners having a like mind, goals, interests, values and have the qualities we want. However, expecting them to have it all is only a mirage. We are all incomplete puzzles waiting for our partners to close it up as well as close their puzzles. Henry Fielding says that there is one fool at least in a working marriage.

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Life is a Game

We all came here, or we found ourselves here not knowing when we showed interest to be part of the earth. On getting here, we discovered it is all a rat race, where we keep chasing after the things we never brought and will never take away. While trying to acquire the things that will make our lives more bearable and enjoyable, we have to be in a competition with others, first as a sperm, and then to classmates from primary to tertiary. After then, we still have to struggle or compete to get jobs or set up one. Then we fight for contracts, fight for managerial positions, we want to rise through the cadre. After acquiring all the good things of life, we enjoy it to an extent and have to leave it for those that do not even know how we acquired them. It’s all but a game, we just have to select the right games and we ensure we are successful at them.

Everything will End

Life has value because it is brief and will end. If we won’t die or everything will remain the same, we will enjoy it to a reasonable extent and then get bored. But since we have realized it will all end, then it makes it more adventurous. Our life, youth, even love, all is but for a moment. Enjoying as a child where all needs are catered for will end, providing the needs for our children will also end when they become independent. Being a boss at work will end, the time we could run, and jog will end, the time we walk on sticks, being pushed around, throwing live parties, having some booze at the clubs will also end. This is the value we derive in these things, knowing that all will end.

Win through Actions, Never through Argument

Be a Realist

In our brief journey in life, we have the big things in our mind. Many times, we dream of owning a big company, having a personal mansion with swimming pool, gym, cinema and whatever makes it more conducive. We want to work in the world’s biggest corporations and even own one. We want to have a very beautiful partner with good-looking kids, that are very brilliant and always leading their colleagues in school. However, they are all but a dream with very few or just a percentage coming to reality. 

The best we can do is to be realistic in what we want to become . We can truly aim for the highest, but not obsessed with it so we don’t do immoral vices. If we dreamt of starting a big company, if we found ourselves to be the CEO of one, then it isn’t all bad. Trying to own one forcefully might lead to some constipation.

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Figure it out or don’t Complain

Some of us have developed the habits of always complaining instead of making efforts in also fixing things. Even at home, a misplaced plate leads to incessant complaint instead of just putting in a right place. We should try to assist other or our partners, instead of always complaining or throwing directives up and down. Should a problem arise, we should join the think-tanks in finding a lasting solution. Even if we complain, it should be a progressive one to encourage those that have made effort and not a discouraging one as it could destroy morals. Let us try to support those that are making effort and not demoralize them, let us join them in fixing problems and not in piling it the more.

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  1. This sentiment is indeed accurate: no one lives forever, and life can be likened to a game where one must carefully select their pursuits. Your insights are greatly appreciated for providing further clarity on these matters. Please continue your excellent work, Able Lincoln.