How to Build a Strong Mental Mind

How to Build a Strong Mental Mind

Anthony Stevens says, ‘Mental well-being depends on founding estimates of one’s power and attractiveness which are accurate and stable’. No one can build a beautiful or strong mind without first knowing or understanding himself. Building up strength is by the power from inside and not outside. You can at least influence how you feel, but not what others feel. Therefore, we will discuss some tips on how to build a strong mind or how to be mentally strong.

1. Do not dwell on the past

One of the major mistakes we make in life is dwelling in the past. Roberto Goizueta says, ‘It is extremely important that to show some insensitivity to the past, to show the proper respect for the future. While we try not to forget history or remember the past so we don’t repeat mistakes, we must however not be soaked in the past and refuse to move on. The past is already beyond our control, we have the present with us, and we can use it to shape the future.

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2. The world does not owe you

A major mistake we used to make is to feel entitled, thinking the world owes us. Not even friends or family members owe us a dime. We should learn to take responsibility to move forward and fast in life. You can ask someone for support either in business or financially and if he refused to, please hold no grudge, because the person owes you nothing. The moment we learn in life that whether people decide or refuse to help, we have to keep fighting for our own lives, the better for us. Remember once again, no one owes anyone.

3. Do not expect results immediately

While we keep working daily to enhance business, academics, or personal lives, we should not think results can come right away. Consistency is key to whatever we want in life. We would only survive drowning if we keep fighting. If we think results can come immediately we put in little effort, then the foundation will be shallow and the results may not last. We, therefore, have to keep fighting till the results arrive. A little effort daily would eventually take us there if we don’t give up.

4. You cannot please everyone

Trying to please everyone is like placing a neck on the blade and expecting not to bleed. Firstly, people want us to go very far for them, even though they may never pay back if they can. When we try to satisfy people, they are happy, and they feel high, while we grow low self-esteem. Once you learn to first love yourself, that’s only when you can enjoy loving others too. Once you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others too. While people want you to please them, let them also try to please you.

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5. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

Every man can make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the life process, even though we learn hardly and bitterly from them. However, we shouldn’t keep feeling sorry when we are down or when others are doing better. Most times, we pity ourselves, seeing ourselves suffering, struggling, and hustling, however, these things are not permanent. The best thing we can do for ourselves when we fall is to rise and keep moving. Staying at a point wailing and moaning, would only keep us there. We have to learn from the mistakes, restrategize and fight on.

6. Don’t hate on Successful people

In life, all of us might not make it or be rich, and even if we will be, it’s not at the same time. While our time is yet to come, when we see friends and family members doing well, we shouldn’t think they got rich illegally. We should not try to resent or hate them or speak badly of them to other people so they can also hate them. If we do this, we should not be surprised when people also start to hate on us or speak badly of us when we are also rich or doing fine, since we will only reap what we sow. When people rejoice, we should also rejoice with them.

7. Do not allow others’ actions to affect your emotions

People have mastered the skill of manipulating other people emotionally. If you are rich, they can say you are stingy, if you are fine, they say you are toning, you are brilliant, they say the teachers love and help you. Even though they know the truth, they just want to drag you down to their level of low self-esteem. Only very few people want us happy, therefore, do what is best for yourself.

8. Always take responsibilities

Only a successful man in the making would know taking responsibility is one of the secrets to success. Once a man has learned to face life fully, then he will know he is responsible for the decisions he makes in life and whatever his life turns out to be. You are living your life now, you are rude to people, you are lazy at work, you hardly fight for what you want, and when the results come, always understand you brought yourself to this level. In life, we have to be decisive and intentional in our decisions. We should learn not to blame others for what we have become.

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9. Always try to take calculated risks.

Wilson Harris says, ‘there are risks everywhere. Even heaven is a stage of risk’. While risks can sometimes be dangerous, and one could go to ground zero if it fails, however, risks could also take one to the top echelon. That is why it is advisable to only take calculated risks. That is, do a lot of mathematics, calculations, thoughts, decisions, reviews, and reading before venturing into that sea. Somerset says, ‘You can do anything in this world if you are prepared to take the consequences. One has to try some of these risks because if it works out later without trying, you would only become a latecomer. However, always start it small, don’t put all your assets or savings into it, so that if it fails, you will still have something to fall on. Please apply wisdom.

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