The Five W's of Life

5 Ws of Life

Life doesn’t give us what we want but what we deserve’. Though we struggle to get the best out of life, some are lucky to actually make it as fast as possible, and this brought about the five (5) W's of Life. While some make it later in life; some do not even make a head way at all after all their struggles. A part of the bible says, ‘the race is not unto the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill, but time and chance happen to them all’.

While we can’t rule out grace or luck in all situations, the bitter truth still remains that success don’t come when we do nothing. You can’t be idle or sit helplessly and expect things to happen, definitely no, something must give for something; you must be doing something before something can happen. In this article, we will together check the 5 W's of life. The most popular questions in the world, Who, What, When, Where and Why and how they are related to life;

We have only your type; Change for no one
Some so much lack Self-esteem or Self-confidence that they do not for one day believe they could amount to anything in life. They never see themselves doing anything good or making others in their environment happy. Their ego has been so damaged that they see no reason for their existence. Well, we can’t rule out foundation causes, whereby the type of parents that brought them up or the environment they grew, perhaps they had personal occurrences that destroyed the belief they have in themselves or abusive circumstances; this might be sound enough to steal whatever confidence they have.

However, you don’t go nowhere in life without confidence. You have got to believe in yourself. We have only your type in the world and before we could have such again, it has to be another world. Therefore, believe in yourself, bend for no one, trust yourself alone, don’t let some people’s pride or arrogance push you into your shell, you have lived for years without them and you won’t as well miss their absence when they leave. You can check 3 questions to develop your mindset and 3 things that must not control you for more knowledge.

What lies ahead will always be there, you only know if the sea is deep when you dive in
If we have an iota of what the future holds, we might not have to be scared of tomorrow or we might just not have to work our ass off all the time. Unfortunately, life is a game, a gamble where you only hope or you are only optimistic tomorrow will be bright while you work so hard to achieve that. Whether you believe tomorrow will make sense or not, the key is working hard. How do you know the water is cold when you are not in there, how will you know tomorrow is actually bright if you never worked towards it.
The only way you can put your future into your own hands is to work very hard. Forget it, success doesn’t come very easy, you have got to fight very hard for it. It might not make sense at the beginning but it would eventually, it is only your consistency that matters. Check Consistency: Why still water runs deeper and Sacrifice: What you must lose to win on how you can achieve this.

When it doesn’t look like what you expected, it gives you a reason to try harder
Some chicken-hearted people are always scared or wanting to turn back when the journey is getting harder. Since it is not easy, they think it won’t worth it. The lion works for its food, therefore, you have to work for what you want.

I was able to still get it, and it boils down to my consistency, hard work, dedication, discipline, sacrifice and grace of GodAlways remember where you are coming from, how far you have gone and how short or how little effort more could get you that trophy.

Where you have a lot of choices to make, always make sure you make the one you will not regret
One of the mistakes we make in life is that of choices that later leads to regret. Many times we are faced with so many decisions and we just don’t know the best to take at that point. The worst thing about this is that, when you take a decision, all other opportunities at that point leave as they are relative to time. The question that arises at this point is what the best decision is. Anyway, in life, there is no best decision; all decisions come with a priceYou just have to choose the best way out.

Most times, it is preferable to apply wisdom when taking decisions; always seek counsel. Your eyes might not be wide enough to see things from all angles. Just because it is you, you might be sentimental in taking decisions; this is the best time to consult God, friends, parents, counselors, mentors, and religious leaders in your decision making. They might just see it from the angle you refused to see it; their experience might just be enough to make the best decision. Always remember, the regrets of today are the results of the decisions of yesterday. Check the article, it couldn't have been my fault.

Why things go your way or don’t go your way is a mystery you only can unravel, it is not enough reason to go back
Not all things go our way and not all things work out as planned. During my undergraduate days, I coined a quote from one of the lessons I learnt with experience then, ‘Most of the troubles of a man are the ones he created for himself’. If you truly looked back, you will discover most of the things you are passing through now is what you caused yourself. Then, people, parents were probably chasing you to make the best of your time, study your books, be serious with your life or be obedient to elders but you refuted and now you are paying the price.
You actually caused what is happening to you. However, it is better late than never. This is not the best time to murmur or moan, it is not the best time to complain, get up and fight for what you want. It is better you die trying than not trying at all. Device again your plans, re-strategize, prepare harder and get ready to launch into the deep. You will definitely get there if you don’t give up.

We hope you have learnt one thing or the other. Importance is not in the reading, but in obeying and making use of these in our daily lives. This is the only thing that guarantees our development. Remember to use the share buttons below so others can also learn and benefit.

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