3 Questions to develop your Mindset


Mindset is one of the things that make people in life. This is the major reason why attitude determines how far one would go in life. It is one thing to have opportunities in life, and it is another thing to have the right attitude to make use of these opportunities. To every successful man, the first thing they cared about or pushed to influence in their life is the Mindset. Your mindset can take you far in life and your mindset can also bring you down in life. Here are questions for you to ponder on as you move in the journey of life;

#1 What did you learn from your actions today
According to Andrew S. Grove, ‘The important things of tomorrow are probably going to be things that are overlooked today’. Life is full of experience and the best way to actually learn in life is through experience. There are two major ways one learns from experience, either through others’ experience or through one’s own experience. However, the safest way to learn is from others’ experience because when you learn from your own experience, you lose a lot of time. According to one of the quotes here, ‘The troubles of  a man are the ones he created for himself’. If your actions of yesterday never changed anything about you, then you are never matured or close to being successful.

Out of all the things one pass through in life, with the belief that all things can’t go one’s way or both good and bad things happen to one in life, most of the bad things that come our way came by our own mistakes. Now, it is not a problem when we make mistakes, it is nothing new and it is one of the best ways to learn, however, it is a problem when we actually learnt nothing from it. It is a shame when the occurrences of yesterday never shaped your life to be better than what it used to be

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By now, you should look back and see what your life is about, the things you did wrong or right, the things you took serious and the ones you were nonchalant, the actions you should have taken at a particular point in time and the ones you were inactive for certain reasons; check where you got things wrong, learn from them and make amendments, then, you are prepared for the morrow. ‘If the things I ought to do today are for the morrow, then my success and breakthrough won’t come today; they are for the morrow’ .

#2 What steps did you take to make you successful today
Now, this is a very interesting question. Do you think you are successful today or at the level you should be? If no, then work hard, believe in yourself, be consistent, never give up and the world you ever dream of would come crashing at your feet. If yes, congratulations, well done for a good job you have done so far. Few people are at your level and many more are wishing to be at your level. They are also working night and day so they can be able to pay their own bills and still have something in hand. Now, have you looked back an actually discovered what made you successful or brought you to this level today.

Was it your hard work, smartness, intelligence, brilliance, curiosity, parents, inheritance, friends, business and many more that made you successful. Have you tried to evaluate your past, present and future and see what actually got you fixed for life. This is very important in other to sustain the height, pinnacle, the zenith, the business, the wealth, the establishment, the wealth and what more the success came with. When you don’t know where you are coming from, then you would get lost and you would easily be influenced to fulfill other people’s dreams.

Even when things want to or went opposite of what it used to be, just because you knew how you got there, it would be easy to get back on your feet. But if you don’t know what you did right and what brought you to the level you are today, needless to say you are still unsuccessful and the wealth is only a mirage. ‘Seize the day, and put as little trust as you can in the morrow. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today’. - Anonymous 

#3 How did you keep moving forward when it was tough
‘Your whole life is a rehearsal for the moment you are in now’ - Judith Malina. You never disappeared at any point in your life and appear at the point you are now; neither did you sleep in poverty and wake to success, what you are today was a buildup of what you are now. Everyone that is successful or wants to be successful must definitely pass through some stages of life that are not interesting. Before you got to the level you are today, that moment you were not finding life easy, how did you pass through it, how did you wriggle yourself out of the troubles of life, how did you lovingly left that stage that is scary.

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This is a part and almost the best part of every success story. No one with achievement would want to let that part leave his story as the past is interesting, tragic and still full of tears and shame. It is a part we sometimes we cry or laugh when sharing our success story. Before getting to this stage of my life, a part I would never forget is writing O’Level (Ordinary Levelcertificate) eight times (8); imagine the level of pain, sorrow, agony, shame and all that then, though the story is long, makes me cry and still appreciate where I am today, but it just points to the fact that I can achieve anything I want to and I would be great in life.

Similarly, the worse parts of your life are the tragic part of your success story, they would definitely come and still go, but you have to keep on. You have to hold on and you have to bleed more till you pass the blade. ‘Tragedy makes your success story interesting, without it, it is a comedy’.

Happy the Man, and happy he alone,
He who can call today his own:
He who, secure within, can say,
Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have liv'd today.
John Dryden

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