8 Things you can do to Change Your Life Forever

Things that can change your life

The only constant thing in life is change and changes don’t happen when we never tried them. Things don’t happen when we never cause them and success doesn’t come when we are not interested. Something must definitely push a man to do something great that will actually make him great. 

It is not that fate doesn’t want us to be successful, probably, there are one or two things we are just not doing right or correctly yet. Anyway, I am happy to tell you that you are just a few meters away from success. Follow this article to the latter, make use of the recommendations and see how things take a turn around. So what are things you need to do and not do to change your life in just one year;

#1 Stop complaining; appreciate how lucky you are everyday
Life doesn’t favour those that complain and they don’t actually go far in life’. This is reflected in the article Why I failed and it is the story of a man who complained about everything; he blamed every other thing except himself and his failure was magnanimous before he later learned his lessons. The reason why you are still at that position for number of years is because you see your difficulties and setbacks as victimization and thereby complaint instead of seeing them as challenges and facing them

While you are expected to face the things that limit you, you instead moan like a monkey. ‘It is only a failure that complains about his tools’. Get up now, leave excuses, don’t complain, rather, face your life head on. Appreciate your current level and fix your eyes on the next achievement you want to have.

#2 Stay alone for a while to rediscover yourself
Sometimes, we don’t see what we need to see until we see it patiently with our inner eyes’. At times, we involve other people in our lives. Some people can never live without other people; they can’t live outside the praises and adoration of others

Well, this is time for you to rediscover yourself by staying alone. Your inner strength is dimming and you need to recharge as soon as possible. Look back and see the reasons why you are still where you are today, see the things you did wrong, identify your strength and have a reason why you want to achieve.

#3 Stay away from negative people
What else can negative people offer you than draining your energy. They sap the good things in you and make sure they cover you from seeing reasons to get things done. Do your best to avoid people that always give you a reason why you should never have a start-up; run from people that always tell you why you are not better than them and why you can never reach their level. 

Even if you have the strength to be a success in life, they will make sure they drain you of it and make you become like them. Anyone who doesn’t support your dream, ask you your achievements, your level of attaining your goals, encouraging and motivating you or contributing to your journey of life positively is not worthy to be your friend or near you. Avoid people of such character. You can check the article 3 things that should never control you.

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#4 Control your involvement in social media
Yes, control your contributions to social media in the best way you can. Hope you know that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp will still be there in years to come. People will keep uploading pictures; people will keep seeking validations from people online and some will definitely die in their stupidity of social media. 

No one says social media isn’t good, but even good things should be regulated. Sugar is good and sweet, but too much of it causes diabetes and death. Nothing should be too much, moderacy is key. You should get a reason why people should follow you on these social media platforms instead of you running after self-acclaimed celebrities full of fake life. Go and achieve and let people start to search for you on social media.

#5 Learn a skill and master it
A man without a skill is a man without life’. You must be known for something or identified with something. We all know Carl Brashear as a skilled diver, Steve Jobs for Apple designs, BillGates for Microsoft development, Messi and Ronaldo as skillful footballers, so what exactly can we use to identify you. What can you do better than others, what can you actually be remembered for when you are gone. 

Anyway, it is better late than never. Look around you; where does your strength lie, aside being a very good academic student, pick up one thing the palms of your hands can be very versatile in; carpentry, software development, coding, writing poems or drama, playing ball, athletics and so on. Make sure you have one particular thing, skill which you can learn, master and can do better than any other person

When you have learnt, it is time to practice it so you can master it. You must know the skill such that when you are sleeping, it is still in your head and you can give result. This differentiates you from common men and takes you to places. Therefore, get something doing today; something your strength can carry and you are very interested, by then success will smile at you.

#6 Focus on your goals and never look back
According to Cyril Magnin, ‘Never look at the doors closing behind you or you'll miss the ones opening ahead.’ The past is in the past, stop living in it and start living in the present. Yes, they have offended you, but forgive and move on. The best revenge is success. You will continue to feel sad on how they broke your heart when you have not tasted success. 

People that look back actually become pillars that are too heavy to continue the journey’. Let the people that have offended leave and never to come back, you should go and achieve, go and succeed; they will be the ones to say sorry. Your goals are more important than them. Your eyes should be fixed on how to achieve your goals; you should be more concerned on how you want a turn-around in your life. Strive hard for your goals, and let your results speak for you. If you want to learn more on this point, you can read 5things to increase your confidence.

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#7 Hunger every day for your future
According to Joseph Ephraim Casely-Hayford, ‘Reform never comes to a class or a people unless and until those concerned have worked out their own salvation’. Don’t think too far, the simple old and bitter truth is that ‘You can never hit what you never aimed for’. What you never fought for can never be your own. Something must be burning in you called passion if you want to make anything out of life. Something must always pinch you and remind you of all the things you wish to achieve. Never be comfortable where you are, else, you will never move forward. 

Always see a reason why the future is better than now. Always fight hard every day for what you want. Things don’t become your own while looking at them. They become yours when you reach out to them. You don’t know the value of things you never fought for, and that is why you have to sweat to get things to your side. When you stepped on nails to get them, people will have to step on nails to get it from you. Let your passion for success burn so much in you such that you can’t sleep because of your dreams. Before you know it, success is all around you bowing to you.

#8 Learn from every mistake you make
Finally, something must make you distinctive from others, and that is your wisdom and wisdom comes from experience. ‘There are three ways by which we learn, first by reflection which is the noblest, second by imitation which is the easiest and lastly by experience which is the bitterest’. If nothing in your past changes anything about you, I mean, you are just exactly the person you were yesterday, I mean the mistake that brought you to this shameful position never had any impact on you or you never learnt anything from it, then you are not cut for success. You are just like the snake meant to pass on the rock without any impact.

If you want to go and grow in life, then you have to learn from your past. You have to identify the reasons why you are in that particular position today. Learning from your pasts, experiences is what gives you the wisdom to make little or no mistakes in your subsequent journey of life. When you don’t learn from your past, then you are bound to make more similar mistakes which will actually portray you as an unserious person

Therefore, do whatever you can to grow the wisdom that will help you live without hassle. Look at your pasts, identify your mistakes, the things you did wrong, learn the lessons, pick up yourself and continue the journey. In no distant time, you will become the man, the woman you have always wanted to be.

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One must never lose time in vainly regretting the past nor in complaining about the changes which cause us discomfort, for change is the very essence of life’ - Anatole France

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