Whose fault we broke up?

Relationship breakup

Richard and Grace are in a loving relationship right from the moment they met at mid-school. Their relationship has boomed to a level that they can’t actually do without setting eyes on each other for a day. A breakup is more of impossible based on the promises they make to each other everyday. Richard left no reason why Grace should never trust him or never believe him. Richard is an average hardworking man, though not rich but can pay his not so expensive bills. In whatever he has, he has done his best so far for Grace and Grace has no reason to misbehave through the relationship.

Grace is not also a lazy girl; she is in her final year in the university and she has also parted with her belongings with Richard in the relationship as long as it need be. Their relationship can only be different from that of Romeo and Juliet by name and time. They are now counting seven years into the relationship while some marriages don’t even last this long. Their relationship might not be the best on earth but it is one to emulate. They have grown together and are so fond of each other.

While they have enjoyed moments together, their relationship is not also left out from every day relationship of tussle, misunderstanding and disagreement. However, they have mastered the art of settling their misgivings especially through Richard’s best friend, Daniel. Daniel has remained a loyal friend to Richard as long as they were kids and he is like a visiting counselor to their relationship. 

Should Richard not answer Grace’s calls, chats or disagreements that are beyond the both of them, Daniel has always been the last man to settle such issues. He has done this job well for years and the success of this relationship can partly be attributed to Daniel.

On a fateful day, Grace visited Richard and they had a very good time with each other. One or another thing ensued, Richard was not financially buoyant at this moment and Grace would not want to understand this. Grace had requested of Richard to borrow her some money for the moment so she can settle some issues in school but Richard lamented of him being ‘broke’ at that moment. Grace didn’t let the excuse fly and threatened Richard that he should be ready to lose her or borrow her the money. 

Richard though not financially buoyant at that moment explained severally to Grace but Grace didn’t believe him and actually thought he was lying. Grace left angrily and Richard made several calls to reach her but Grace would not pick. After several appeals and messages that yielded nothing, Richard prepared his mind to let go, there were several nights of soaking his bed with tears because of Grace; he couldn’t believe Grace could do such a thing or leave like that; what actually happened, he marveled.

After several weeks, Richard stopped calling Grace or sending messages and he believed he is now single, Grace is gone for good. On a fateful day, Grace called him but Richard didn’t pick and neither did he reply her messages. Richard already made up his mind that Grace was gone for good, so what could have brought about the calls. At this point, Grace had tried her best to reach Richard all to no avail, she then put a call through Daniel who was ready to hear what is happening. 

Daniel and Grace met and Grace explained all to him. Daniel reached out to his friend Richard and he also explained his side to him, Richard then told Daniel that if he would even listen to the appeals of Grace, she would also struggle to reach him so she can know how it feels. Daniel appealed to him to forgive and forget but Richard rejected and said he is no more interested in the relationship and he is through with Grace.

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Daniel then paid Grace a visit to explain the state of things to him. After several minutes of talk, Daniel thought of an idea, since Richard said he is no more interested in the relationship and this girl isn’t that bad after all, he could try his own luck too and probably just play a game and leave. He gave Grace what he had requested from Richard – the money. He then started to play on the intelligence of Grace. He boasts of how much he is worth and how well he could take care of Grace. Since ‘Men are moved by what they see and women are moved by what they hear’, Grace couldn’t control her emotions and feelings again and he started to fall in love with Daniel.

At this moment, Grace couldn’t understand herself again; she was lost in thought and couldn’t believe what is happening to her. She was totally carried away by the sweet and romantic gestures of Daniel, before she could count one to five, she was rolling on the bed with Daniel. 

They already had the first round of sex before a knock was heard on the door; Grace was expecting her friend Tonia who was coming to drop the sandals she had borrowed from her. Though she was at the middle of the sexual bout with Daniel where both of them were really enjoying the moment with Grace in a wrapper and Daniel with pants lying in bed and smiling sheepishly like someone that just lost a bolt in his brain.

Grace reached out to the door to quickly collect the sandals, send Tonia away and return back to the ecstatic moment of the journey to hell, on getting to the door, she saw load of flowers and some goodies, right checking from the feet is a man’s shoe, this definitely looks like one of Richard’s shoes, she mustered. By now, they were ringing village bells in Grace’s head. 

She slowly raised her head to see if her brain was actually getting necessary signal; behold, it was Richard at the door, with flowers and a lunch box gotten from a nearby KFC. Richard had bought it for Grace along with some flowers as a surprise and to mark the end of their quarrel.

Richard strained his eyes to see what was happening inside, he could see Grace in wrapper and Daniel in pants dancing zanku and reminiscing how he will blow off the brains of Grace after he finished some black bullet for the continuation of the sex rout. Grace was short of words and she couldn’t explain what was happening at the moment. With tears rolling down Richard’s eyes, he dropped the lunch box and flowers, turned back and left sadly; it was an unbelievable thing for his eyes to see and something beyond his understanding. He couldn’t relate what was going on and was finding his own fault in the whole fracas.

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It has been days Daniel and Grace have been trying to reach Richard all to no avail; Richard has not recovered, he refused to pick his calls and he blocked the both of them for now on his social accounts….

Dear reader, what is your judgment. Who is at fault in all of these; is it Richard, Grace or Daniel. Perhaps, three of them are at fault. Was Grace wrong to have gotten angry when Richard couldn’t borrow her some money, was Richard wrong not to be able to tend to Grace needs, was Grace not wrong to have ignored the calls of Richard, was Richard also wrong to have ignored Grace’s calls, was Daniel a true and loyal friend, should you say it is over when you rightly know it is not over and you are not through with the person, all of these beg for answers.

Please leave a comment below and let us know your opinion. Answer these questions if you can, and if you were in Richard’s shoes, what will you do? (Note: The names used are not real names).

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  1. After devil na women, though the case is dicey, they all have a fault, but you don't say it is over when you are not through. The friend is a very bad friend and the girl too na wash. So little setback can make her to lose focus. They both don't deserve each other.
    If I were Richard, I might reconsider her but it would take time....

  2. @Fash, so na only girl you see as devil there. You no blame the friend well, and Richard too no do well but reconsidering her is out of the game for me. It means if we have little issue in marriage, she can open her legs for anybody. I don't think I have the strength to carry that kind of load.

  3. well,

    Everybody will pass his or her judgement. Some will say the lady is a whore and undetermined, few will say Richard is stupid and proud while others will say Richards friend is a sharp shooter and bad guy. well,
    AM sure if 8 out of 10 individual in such situation will act just the same way.
    Relationship is not a fun fare, but having fun is not bad....

    But spelling out your lines in your first few months of rosy / cosy and also your exist point without been biased or sentimental always has a long way to go in a relationship.

    But i repeat, relationship is more than what we take it today

    My opinion thou

    what an interesting story!!!!

  4. Braniac ND the thinkerJune 27, 2019 at 4:27 AM

    Well... I can say Daniel is not at fault but d main person at fault Is grace bcs relationships are about understanding from both partners but she did not try to understand Richard,a relationship they have built for 7 good yrs,well based on my opinion grace Is totally at fault,Richard may have been a little pushy with is parade of not wanting her back but if she had truly loved him she wud have waited.

  5. I think Daniel and Grace are to be blamed here for not being loyal to Richard because Grace and Richard never brokeup, it was just a misunderstanding that should be settled with time.

  6. What a story! The situation is Dicey ..they are all at fault but Daniel has the bigger part of the fault ..ask me. Why? Grace is just as unreasonable and impatient as a woman..and it's normal for Richard to feel like punishing grace before the surprise now tell me why on earth would a trusted friend think of even admiring your girl without controling his emotions.. It's safe for couples to have misunderstanding but who you call to settle your issues matters most !! My opinion

  7. Hmm... Interesting story. Is just all about understanding.