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It was a beautiful day and a big day of celebration after more than 100 years of colonialism, legal battles, struggles for Uhuru (Freedom), fights, unrest, calls for independence, international supports and reinforcement from other animal kingdoms, the monkeys from different tribes eventually got their independence. It was well celebrated as animals from other kingdoms also joined in the celebration. Joined in the fiesta are the lions, which were the colonialists. After lots of nominations, recommendations and deliberations, the monkeys came about a name for their newly founded country, Banana Republic.
Banana Republic had their first election, since their fights have always been on the fact that they can rule themselves. Lula, a young monkey was eventually made the King of the Banana Republic. Lula is an intelligent, thorough-bred, patient and wise monkey, though with no much experience of leadership, has the dexterity to usher the Banana Republic into much anticipated country of their dreams. He was more interested in the exclusive leadership of his country, with no interference from other countries, influence from other kingdoms, especially that of their colonialists, the Lion Band.

However, most of Lula’s policies met restrictions as members of his cabinet and even his country people were more selfish than expected, probably due to the moles among them that actually serve the Lion Band. Once, Lula thought that the trees in the forest were too far from one another and there is a need to make sure they are closed up for proper mobility of the citizens, especially the small monkeys. This he thought they could do themselves and no need for mercenaries. He brought the issue to his cabinet, so as to deliberate and proffer a solution or rather a consensus.
Tira, the head of procurement gave his own opinion. He said, ‘our kingdom is known to be at the prime stage and we are just finding our feet, the squirrel have been known to have a lot of knowledge in tree development, why don’t we contract the job to them’. His opinion met a lot of resistance, as some were of the opinion that since squirrels don’t have large bodies, the work will take a lot of time.

Faro, a constituency representative said that the best hands for such type of job could only be the lions their colonialists, simply because they have shown a lot of maturity and have survived a long time. His opinion was well accepted except by the cabinet members. Lula the king felt otherwise. He thought they could do it themselves if they wanted to or still give the job to the Trunk Kingdom of Elephants that could pull up trees and move it somewhere else, so why the need to contract their colonialists. After much rancorous session, the voice of the cabinet was much more than that of Lula and he succumbed. They called on the Lions to help out.

It took the lions few months to help do the job, though not perfect but manageable. The Lions collected their money and left. After few months, the monkeys discovered that they reduced in number but it was negligible enough to waive it...Banana Republic: Fiefdom and not Freedom 2

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