The 7 things that stop you from achieving

Sola might be a happy man today if he worked for his wealth, has a conscience while having pleasure, has a character along with knowledge, mixed ethics with his business, understood life with respect to humanity, practiced religion with compassion and finally, being political as well as having principle.
These were the words on marble of the great Mahatma Ghandi, who believed in non-violence to get things done, pressure the government, and to even secure independence for India. He didn’t leave us without his own opinion on the perfect way to live life.

Wealth without Work
I believed this is more disastrous than committing suicide, or I mean, taking your own life. How else do you want to be wealthy without work, if not that you killed somebody else to inherit his wealth, or you actually stole from others? Funny enough, wealth without source are but a mirage, here today and gone tomorrow. They are gonna leave one day. What you don’t work for doesn’t last.

Pleasure without Conscience
Hedonism as explained in philosophy is what we take pleasure in which can be different with people. While some found joy in drinking, some in smoking, sleeping, stealing, killing, helping people and many more, this indicates that we all make our own choices. However, Ghandi put it that it is possible to have pleasure, satisfy oneself and still hurt others. Anything you do, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and hurts others either directly or indirectly is not right based on moralism. So it is possible to make yourself happy, however, it becomes bad when you do it without conscience and hurt others.

Knowledge without Character
Each man is blessed with an extent of knowledge, brilliance and wisdom. Some are known to have more than average IQ and they tend to change the world around them most times. In another direction, what is the essence of this knowledge when you don’t appreciate other people or the character they have got? What is the essence of the so called knowledge you have, the much you know while deriding people around you. If your knowledge is only important to you and yourself, then you are not different from a cadaver.

Business without Ethics
Many have refused to leave their point of start of a business, not because the business is lucrative, or the business is for rich people, it might just be that they are not doing it right. You can’t achieve anything tangible at your comfort zone. You have got to take that risk. You just must have a principle in what you do if you want to achieve. You don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. If you want to actually make it from that business, then you must have a principle and you must be ethical. If you do not respect people, you can’t grow and you can’t move.

Science without Humanity
What is the essence of knowledge, discovery, inventions, without an advantage on humanity? Why should we find out how the world was created and how it will end only to hurt our fellow man? Why do we act as if we are the only ones existing? Why do we overlook the importance of everyone before embarking on a journey? With everything we do in life, we must consider the existence of others before we do.
Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and some other rich men have promised to donate more than 90% of their wealth to humanity before turning their back to the world. Mark even had to say “All I gonna leave for my kids is $10 million dollars for each of them”, so, the rest goes into charity. That they do this doesn’t make it right, probably they are hedonists of philanthropy; however, they valued humanity along with their business empires. Who would have bought their goods when there are no humans. Therefore, they appreciate the value of humanity and they are ready to give back to the society.

Religion without Compassion
As Karl Marx simply put it, ”Religion is the opium of the people”. Ghandi also said, ”God has no religion”. However, this is not applicable to so many people, as they have absolved religion and left its purpose. Religion is supposed to bring about tolerance, compassion, love, sharing amongst other but it is the other way round. Religion is now known to divide us more than unite us. We believe those that don’t serve our “God” are our enemies, when we are just created equally by this “God”. If they were not that important as you thought, he might probably not create them to make you inconvenient. If you do not see others as yourself, you have no compassion with the religion you say you believe; you are an enemy to human virtue.

Politics without Principle
Each political party in the world is believed to be guided by a particular ideology, either for liberty, freedom, independence, harmless economy, hospitality and so on. Today, politicians in some part of the world are known to jump from one party to the other just to satisfy an urge. Ideologies are now missing, no more principle and beliefs. History will take us back to the lives of Lee Yuan Kew, Thomas Sankara,  Jerry Rawlings, Nelson Mandela and so on, who have a principle and still effected a change in their time.

In conclusion, you can’t become what you didn't want. You can’t make a man you never worked for. Check yourself and be what everyone looks up to.

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