I have never failed

Robert Kiyosaki

Funke got this idea at a lunch in her own room. Very bored and lonely, she thought of what to do to make money since white collar jobs weren't forthcoming. What a nice idea this is!, she exclaimed. Buying stuffs through her uncle in China at almost cheap and affordable prices, and selling at a good profit. This sounds possible and feasible, she reached for her phone and chatted up her uncle in China. She disclosed her plans to him and the uncle got elated at her decision, since he was going to get commission.

Some goods were sent in the following month to Funke by the uncle, Funke created an artificial market for herself through the help of her friends. They became her customers but not with a humongous pay. Their patronage was not profitable enough and she decided to reach out. With all her effort, she was not able to sell it all before another consignment got down to her. It was becoming more difficult for her to sell and she was getting discouraged already. 

Fortunately, Tola is a childhood friend of funke and has been so supportive till this moment. She advised her friend never to get fed up of the discouraging prices people give, which has reduced her patronage. Funke decided to give more shots and try, but still not booming. She finally decided to stop the business since it was not lucrative enough.

She told her uncle about it, but the uncle saw no reason why she should quit so soon, its barely four months and she is tired already. After much persuasion from the uncle not to give up, Funke finally did and sold the business to her friend Tola for a #100,000. The uncle continued with Tola in providing the goods.

The business did worse in Tola's hands, probably she was poor herself or due to her inefficient academic standard (a Third class graduate). She just couldn't handle it better and was even running into debts. Her parents advised her to turn it down before she brings trouble home. Funke even laughed at her that she didn't do that bad. Due to Tola's doggedness and insistence not to fail again after not doing well in school, she didn't give up.

She set a standard and target for herself on what to sell each day. She hit the street and mind not what shame it would cause her. She was voracious about not failing again and would see anything to make Funke feel sorry for calling her a failure. It was a daunting task on how to prove herself never to be a failure, but what if she fails again.
On a fateful day, she met Mr. Vick, who is the supplier of electrical equipments to a software development company. After much dialogue, the man asked if she could be interested in supplying cables, which she almost failed at already. She said she could but her mind wasn't clear enough if she could trust Mr. Vick. The condition requires her to supply so many cables while she waits for the sale to refund her.

Down the night she kept on thinking, what if it fails, what if Mr Vick is a fraud, who is there to swindle her. She just couldn't help to stop thinking about her losing it all. She decided to give it a try, she has failed in so many things but not this. She took the risk and made the supply.

She waited up to a month for Mr Vick report but nothing came up. Tola was at a call center where she sells recharge cards and a call came in, its Mr Vick who asked if they can meet. She rushed down to hear the outcome of her previous transaction, which was successful and she became the permanent supplier of cables to the company and sister companies.
Of course she wouldn't fail because she believed in herself not to, she wouldn't shame Funke, her best friend who called her a failure, she also wouldn't abuse or fight her parents who told her to throw in the towel before debts roll in. Her academic setback and not failure wasn't able to stop her and damage her ego or self esteem. Life is more than not doing something well. If this didn't work, that would work. She saw it all as challenges and a sacrifice to succeed. It was all worth it and the only thing Tola can't do now is what she doesn't want to do.

You have no excuse to fail, your life is your responsibility, risk is worth taking, don't sell that business idea, instead nurture it, it can't become big in a day, slow and steady wins the race, consistency is key. Failure is not when you fall, failure is when you fall and refuse to rise. Take up that idea again and give it a try, don't sell your idea like Funke did.

I have never failed, because I have never refused to rise when I fall.

Congratulations Tola
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