Eating my Prime Seed: A must read for every Corper and every Youth

Close to my final year in the University, I was very young then and getting a good amount of money from all angles. One long  time uncle from nowhere will just call from space, explaining his attachment to my dad and how he has been fond of me. Next he asks for my account number and 'gbam', alert comes in, I have been credited with a good amount. Similarly to those I called when I got admitted to the university and was lacking school fees. 

They all couldn't help out then, they keep posting me and ask me to return at another time all to no avail. Now they all calling in as if they knew I would soon be through, get a job, start making money and give back to them. So why didn't they do it earlier.

I was less concerned about their change in attitude anyway, rather, I was more interested in the money coming from all angles. I finally thought I had made it, I was just 23 then and I could boast of more than a hundred thousand naira. While some went to my final year project, a large crunch of it also went into frivolities. I took good care of my friends too whenever they visited. I had more than a girlfriend, I was able to satisfy them financially. Everyone was happy.
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Fast forward to the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the government had no choice than to pay me monthly, what a free money. My place of primary assignment, a company which was doing fine was also paying me well, accommodating me and even feeding me. Then was the best part of my life. I changed girlfriends at will and make sure they do fine, and also know I can take care of them. My friends also enjoyed from the free money I was getting from all angles then. How I wished the moment never ended.

NYSC soon ended and all that was left in my account was a meager #5000 which was enough to take me back home and get the popular Butterfield bread for the family. Everyone was happy I was back, safe and healthy. I started to apply for jobs, submit CVs but no positive reply. My presence at home started to worry everyone, before I knew it, my parents were reminding me of how they sent me to school and even had to take care of me after NYSC. I became a burden to everyone. Rather than give out, I still demanded. Now I am back to washing their cars in the morning, doing the dish at night since no job yet to keep me busy.

It was then reality dawned on me. I had no savings, nothing to fall back on, I always thought the money I was getting would continue, I never knew this time would come. I started to remember how even strangers gave me money while in my final year. But now, I even borrow to print copies of my CV. I learnt nothing during the dry days to prepare for the rainy days. 

I never knew the money I was getting were seeds to be planted, and not fruits to be eaten. They were just coming for me to use and prepare for the next stage of life. I forgot that time is mobile and not stationary. I never believed what was happening at the moment.
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How did I not save when money was coming in. How come I didn't invest, why did I not plan, what made me not to learn any skill. How could I not talk sense to myself. It was so bad I ate all my seeds. Now, no seeds and no fruits but the lesson is learnt already, however, in a hard way.

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  1. No situation is permanent especially in terms of money, that is while it is advisable to discipline oneself and persevere in whatsoever right decisions one make in life .....

  2. Yes brother, you are very right
    We have to prepare well for the life ahead

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