Corruption: It will eventually kill us

The problem of a typical or average Nigerian is money. It is not wrong to have this scarce value but it becomes a problem when we look for it in wrong places and at the wrong time. The leaders of a country are a reflection of such society. You can't give what you don't have. We have decided to place a value on money such that a kid is ready to have it even without working. where is our so called dignity. How come we allowed corruption to eat deep into our system. Is the end supposed to justify the means or the means should justify the end. Its high time we select leaders based on integrity and what they can offer, rather than the table falls at every election period. Ghana, Singapore, USA, China and some more had to reduce the rate of corruption if not able to end it, before they can even think of human development.

Stopping corruption doesn't start from the leaders, it starts from you and I. Our leaders come from us and not space. They think like us and behave like us. They don't mind to outsmart one another just to get the chunk of the national cake. Don't you also care about what happens to the common man as long as you are satisfied, then, you are one of the problems we are taking about. Those that do bad are not really worse as those that saw the evil and keep mum.

It is left for you and I to play our own role in eradicating corruption before it eventually kills us. We have to save our heads from the curse of the coming generation. Corruption doesn't stop at stealing  or diverting money meant for others alone, it also include dubbing other people's assignments, keeping part of the money meant for a project, borrowing and not returning, bigotry, nepotism, inclination towards some people than others, supporting kinsmen rather than competence, beating the queue, destroying government properties for no reason, using the toilet without flushing, bearing false witness, when you give bribes to get things done and the likes. 

The Cancer called Corruption
It runs in the blood,
It is found in the tissue,
It destroys even the structure,
That is supposed to be built.

It knows not the adult,
It knows not the young,
It knows not the called,
It knows not the pawns.

It has so many forms,
It runs on different lawns,
It destroys not only the world,
Even the elites and the poor are indulged.

The society is such a large one,
That it condones the innocent and the guilty,
The system is so wrong,
That you will like to take part in the filth.

Thanks to those who laid their lives,
They were not able to imagine the years,
That the son of men will rise,
And destroy what has been refined.

The government is not trying,
The citizens are leasing,
Law enforcement is so weak,
For the cancer has crippled it.

Greediness has made us weak,
Avarice has thrown us into the bin,
We have been killed even while living,
Because we allowed the cancer to rule the street.

Who will help the nation,
Who will lay a life and birth a vision,
Who will put an end to this attrition,
Who will help the world to end this cancer called corruption,

The solution is in my pocket,
I should waste no time to launch the rocket,
I start by stopping my part of the game,
While I help those around me to do the same.

I promise not to be corrupt, I hope you can also say and do so.

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