Banana Republic: Fiefdom, and not Freedom 2

After few years, the major food in the Banana Republic, bananas were seen to reduce drastically and there is a need to reproduce more. Lula already felt they needed to adjust their meals for that purpose, such that, they regulate the amount of bananas consumed in a year. Chula, the PRO of the kingdom felt otherwise. How could we stop eating or reduce our best delicacies. Is that how we met it, how do we pass this to the next generation. 

Kura, the Secretary General also dissented Lula’s opinion and saw the need to invite expatriates. Lula quickly interrupted and claimed that no one knows the monkey than the monkey. It’s high time we stopped inviting foreigners for the problems we can address or solve ourselves. This opinion didn’t meet the cabinet well and it led to a heated argument. After hours of what to do, the cabinet also had their way and made sure the Lions were the ones to supply more of bananas to the Banana Kingdom (what an Irony). This went on for years, the Lions were of the habit of eating an average of 20 monkeys every year they supply the Banana Kingdom with bananas. The monkeys couldn’t protest as they knew this could spell a doom for them.

However, Lula had to raise his voice at a time and stopped the contract of the Lions to supply banana and the Lions had to return to their kingdom. The Lions conspired with some of the monkeys in the cabinet and ousted Lula the King, put him in prison and put him up for execution

On the day Lula is to be executed, he left an emotional speech, 

                "On this day, I look up to the heavens as I am ready to leave a signature never to be erased in the history of the Banana Republic. I have served the Kingdom with my strength wholeheartedly, I have done my part, I have played my role and I am ready to go. While my offence is the effort I put into the emancipation of mental slavery of my own people, deradicalization from the opinion that we can’t do anything on our own, or the total independence I fight for such that we would be able to create Local Solutions for Local Problems, it is unfortunate my reward is death. I take it in love and peace and I hope my people will one day truly be independent in both body and mind. I leave in peace but what you allowed today will eventually consume you tomorrow”.

This caused uproar among the citizens of the animal kingdom. Some decided not to support the execution of Lula, however, negligible amount in the Kingdom. Lula was eventually executed.
Kura, the former Secretary General became the King and followed the instructions of the colonialists on how to rule Banana Kingdom. These went on for a long time and the Lions were mostly responsible for the projects in the Banana Kingdom. Long enough, the Banana Kingdom became conducive for the Lions to live. They interacted better it was all looking like a good relationship until things went South. The Lions living in the Banana Kingdom grew in number while their foods reduced drastically. There was nowhere to turn to than to eat what is nearest to them, which were the monkeys. As time goes on, the monkeys reduced significantly in number as they were now consumed everyday by the Lions.

Kura thought he had got it wrong and remembered the words of Lula that what you allowed today will consume you tomorrow. He tried to make restitutions, met with the leaders of the Lion community in the Banana Kingdom, and reached an agreement with them to stop eating his own citizens in the name of peace. They agreed to stop but the numbers of monkeys continued to reduce. Kura then made an announcement, ’by the powers conferred on me as the King of Banana Republic, I hereby ban the Lions in our Kingdom and demand for their leave’

This didn’t go well with the Lions and it led to a full blown war where the monkeys couldn’t conquer the Lions. The Lions declare victory over them and called it a conquered territory. The monkeys soon became the slaves of the lions, and do not even know who will die next whenever the lions are hungry. The Lions are now in charge of the Banana Republic and the words of Lula came to pass.

Lesson: You might be Independent but not free, as long as your mind is not liberated. Freedom can turn to Fiefdom when there is no Wisdom.

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