My Fault

Bill Gates
Just like the words of one of the richest men in the world, if you have a reason to be rich, then be rich, however, if you decided to be poor and your tendencies eventually gave you poor consequences, then blame no one. Your decision should solely be yours and independent of anyone.

While you can be forgiven for the poor state of your uncles, aunties, siblings and parents, posterity will definitely judge you if you cannot change the state of things you met. What would actually be said of you when you are gone, what problems would you have solved when you are no more.

That your parents are or were poor is no reason for you to continue in their state, it shouldn't be a limitation to your own greatness, but a challenge for a tantalizing story of your grass to grace. Don't let your children meet the conditions you met, you have the opportunity to rewrite a story, then do.

The most important part of human history are the old things that were abolished or the new things that were started. If it was your parent's fault that you were born poor, it wouldn't be their fault that you remain poor and die poor.

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  1. Most if the rich people in the world were born not even with any kind of spoon in their mouth but,they have managed to make names for themselves.Every soul that set feet inside the 4 walls of a school will know Newton, Einstein, and there likes, "who knows their parents? ".whether you'r rich or poor is your choice to make, Many are men born rich and die wretch