Miss 5 minutes and Remain poor

How to remain poor
Your decision in life is very important and timely. The time difference between success and failure is some milliseconds. It might not take you more than 5 minutes to stop being a poor man and start being a rich man. It is very important you care yourself well and present yourself in the best way you could do it. Never underestimate a moment you see as an opportunity to launch your brand to the world.

 That might just be the last thing for you to do to make your brand public and your toil success. Never underestimate people, no matter how short, small or not well dressed they are. People's value are not equal to the price of clothes they wear; it is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise. You can learn one or two things from this story;

It was a sunny afternoon, in a commercial part of a country in Africa was a big company across 10,000 acres of land. Mr Duck was sent to pick a man from light house which is 5 minutes drive from Mr Ducks current location.

"Hey! Duck!!   Mr X is in light house waiting for a pick-up. Go now and bring him here"

Alright sir, What.......... "shut up! don't question me, just go"

Enters into the 2019 SUV and rode off. Very close to light house was a popular rich man talking to one of the security guard of light house. The security Guard pointed at Mr Duck upon sighting him and saying, "that is him......" 

Oh! Thanks

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Hello..... please i need to get to the Admins Office right now, and protocol says, no external cars are allowed in here. As the Chief Security officer sir, can you please help me in your car right now?

Oh!! its no big deal, that's part of my Job as the CSO here...... but someone will also join us in this car sir. Please come in...

Mr X recognizes the car upon sighting it and quickly introduce himself to Mr Duck has the visitor he was to pick up.

Inside the SUV

Mr X was so happy to be with the popular rich man in the car with him and quickly seizes the opportunity to have a brief chat with him.

Mr X came to pitch his business Idea to the big Company while the rich man is one of the distant board members visiting the company for the first time unannounced.

Mr X happens to be a fast thinker and quickly taught this is a golden opportunity to pitch my business to this man and if am lucky, he might convince other members to invest in us

Mr X has less than 5 minutes to win everything he has traveled for over 5 hours.

What are the Steps to take?

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Needs to come up with an Elevator Pitch Deck

A complete elevator pitch deck needs at least 7 key components  to win a potential investors.
  • Problem Definition
  • Solution 
  • Target market 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Team  Members
  • Financial Forecast Summary 
  • Milestones Traction

 But Mr X has less than 5 minutes to Win. What can he do?

The components above can be streamlined under an attention catchy Story that will leave the listener to wanting to give you undiluted attention.

Note: your Investors are not buying your idea nor your business plan, but interested in the solution and the ROI.

Discussing your Idea with a specialist and coming up with a working solution only needs 1-2 minutes of you time. Then you can get at least 6 figures grants or loans

Always know your brand more than anyone else. Always have an idea about what you sell; advertising your business depends on your presentation power; even in an interview, they might just ask you to introduce yourself or sell yourself, this is the best moment to talk about the great things you have done, the jobs you have accomplished. Never mince words, what they are asking you is 'Why should we do business with you or why should we employ you', so, give in your best and always be prepared.

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