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The gracious words of Knute Rockne, a Norwegian-born US football coach are, ‘Show me a good and gracious loser and I will show you a failure’. I mean how will you lose and still feel good and gracious. According to Leo Durocher, ‘Show me a good loser and I will show you an idiot’. Losing a war, battle, failing an exam, suffering a business setback or even a business crashing isn’t a really big deal and it’s not novel, the most important part of it is the attitude to the loss

Have you seen a student failed an exam and just have to complain about the teacher setting hard questions or the exam body just wants him to fail, or a business crashing and the owner blaming the government or every other person aside itself; now, that makes a loss or failure a big deal. You should always put in mind the words of the US writer, Alex Haley, ‘History is written by the winners’. Exactly, what does a loser have to offer. What would be his words to the upcoming young ones on similar field. Further emphasis on what makes a loss a big deal is the attitude to the loss or the failure and not the loss or failure itself.
Big, great and successful men are known to fail at one time or the other, ranging from Les Brown to Ben Carson, Jack Ma, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and the likes; therefore, failure or loss is very synonymous to be coming great, however, not aside showing and giving the right attitude to it.

Now you ask, what is the right attitude to loss or failure? It is that simple; agree you failed, blame no one but yourself, learn the lesson, move on and take up the challenge again. Walter Reuther says,’ If you are not big enough to lose, then you are not big enough to win’. You only lost or failed if you didn’t try again. These 5 points are very important and would be covered soon in one of our articles. Yes, always know and believe you lost or failed when you do, self-denial would only set you back.

Anyway, before we get carried away, the focus of this article is the words of a loser. A loser most times speak to console himself or to give reasons why he failed. A loser always wants to excuse himself from any problem, shades others that did better than him and see reasons why conditions were given to favour others and not him. Jack Robinson says, ‘I hate to Lose’. So what do the words of a loser represent, what is he known for, what will he likely say before or after he lost a challenge, shall we;
I will start on Monday
Down to the words on marble of Edward Young, ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’. One of the most important characteristics of a loser is that a time is never good enough for them to do anything. Another time is just the best time to do that productive thing. How do you win when you do the right things at the wrong time. You are never going far if you don’t just start it now. Why must it be a Monday, why not Saturday or Sunday. I mean why not just now. You can check How to buy time.

You can start to prepare for the exam now, read that particular book now, take that decision now, and just do it now and not later. The United States statesman and scientist, Benjamin Franklin says, ‘Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today’ and also remember, ‘Delay is the deadliest form of denial’ - Cyril Northcote Parkinson

It’s not my Fault
Charles Churchill the British poet says, ‘Where he falls short, it is nature’s fault alone; when he succeeds, the merit is all his own’. This was fully covered in the article ‘It couldn’t have been my fault’. It is never a loser’s fault. He takes no responsibility for himself or things around him. He points to everyone else except himself. He believes he can never go wrong and even very hard for him to say sorry, no wonder his failure is magnanimous. 
If you don’t want to be a loser, then see your failure as yours and not someone else’s since the merit would also belong to you. Remember, ‘One of man's greatest failings is that he looks almost always for an excuse in the misfortune that befalls him through his own fault, before looking for a remedy—which means he often finds the remedy too late’. – Cardinal de Retz.

I can’t
Of course you can. ‘The only thing you can’t do is what you don’t want to do’. God gave us the neck so that we can stick it out. Only a loser sees impossibilities. No, I can’t pass physics, I think chemistry is too hard and not for anybody, I can’t just find my way through that course, that business is very risky, what if it didn’t work out; these are just few words of a loser. You have got to try first. Reach our, dive into the stormy waters and try to swim through. You rather die or live, but if you didn’t try, you live for nothing.

There is a strength that you only have, no other person has it. We are all unique; we have our own varying strengths and weaknesses. Use yours to achieve. You can’t just because you didn’t try. Pay attention to the words of the former French president Francois Mitterrand, ‘Nothing is won forever in human affairs, but everything is always possible’.
I don’t have Time
One doesn't recognize in one's life the really important moments; not until it's too late. – Agatha Christie. Now, what this stands for is just not having time to take important decisions. Has someone come with a very good and reasonable idea to you or you thought of one ground-breaking idea and you still feel you don’t have enough time to execute it; then you are actually hurting yourself. You actually have the time to achieve everything you want to, but that losing part of you just thinks you are too smart to do great things and wants you to lose that opportunity.
Well, it’s only the dead that don’t have time, the living definitely do. Remember, ‘Life is first come, first served’...10 Opinions of a Loser 2

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