Key Points to a great Life and Academic Success

Students, struggling businessmen most times complain about their discouraging results despite all the efforts they have put into studying or working hard in their businesses. Many atimes, they compare their successes with others, thinking those with good results in their academic or businesses don’t even do half or quarter of what they have done or the efforts they put. They wonder why unserious students have A while despite their own seriousness, they couldn’t get more than a B or C. Have you forgotten there are long-term goals and short-term goals. There are chances one starts with good grades like A and not end with a first class, and there are also chances one didn’t start too strong and still end with a first class.
Therefore, this article will identify things we need to stop doing or start doing for a great academic achievement.

#1 Stop comparing yourself with others
One thing that has limited us in life is that we compare ourselves with others. Needless to say that, “The more you serve, the more you will be served”. The person you comparing yourself with and thinking he isn’t serious but getting good result might be making some sacrifices you dare not make. Also, the grace of everybody is different. We all have our own capacities as shoes also have sizes. So, as from now on, if you see other people doing well in business or academics, rejoice with them rather than envying them or comparing yourself with them. If you see people below you academically, also encourage them to put more effort.

#2 Set Goals
Success, achievements are quantifiable, however, we don’t know or believe it is. If you do not learn to set the limit you must reach before you close for the day, you might not add anything to yourself in a week. You must learn to set minimum limits you must reach before you can say you have done well. Always know that what you do not aim for, you can never hit.

#3 Start Early and Start Now
The moment you know what you are aiming for, you have to start immediately. The best moment to ever start is now. Ideas are more realistic when they are carried out immediately. Taking time to ruminate about it may get you discouraged and make you abandon it or even slow you down.
For those that didn’t start early, it’s never too late and its better late than never. That you still have the idea in your mind means it can still work. Get up and start it now.

#4 Self-Discipline
One major thing every successful person has or must have is self-discipline. I used to remember in my undergraduate days, immediately the first lecture starts for the semester, I stopped playing ball and stopped watching films. It was a difficult thing to do but what I was targeting and chasing was much more than what the enjoyment of then can offer me.
To be a success in your academics, you must learn to control yourself; else you are not going far. How will a horse without control not miss his way. Therefore, you must learn to deny yourself of things that could distract you and focus on what is more important which your success.

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#4 Consistency
Many are of the habit of starting strong and ending weak. It’s not because they didn’t still desire that first class or second class or that business pinnacle, but they lost the motivation they started with. The best motivation comes from inside. The only person to push you that far is yourself.  Always keep at the back of your mind the reason you started in the first place. If it was that easy, so many people will be doing it already. No one builds a house from the roof, but you can build a house to the roof.

The major part of it is to be consistent in whatever you are doing, whether reading or in business. It will eventually pay off but may not be now or soon, but it will pay off. You don’t get first class by studying this week and skipping next week. You may not be on the first class yet but being consistent in reading will get it for you. The business might not look hopeful, the adventure might look dim but it is only testing your endurance. This is more detailed in the story of Jack Ma.

#5 Hardwork
The only way to test a man if he can handle greatness is to give him great challenges. Don’t be surprised your barriers, stopovers, challenges are more than the person beside you; it indicates that you will be greater than the person. Life only needed to test your endurance, agility, strength and make you prepared for greater things.
Hardwork is known to beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Therefore, to achieve your dreams, you must be ready to work hard. To have extra mark, you have to do extra work.  Whatever comes easy in life won’t last or be as valuable as whatever you work hard for. You value it more and cherish it better. You even find it easy to defend it anywhere and you will be proud of yourself.

#6 Belief
One of the ingredients of an academic success or business breakthrough is to believe. Never for once be pessimistic about your result. You need not tell anyone but you can believe that you will do well. Always see the end of a thing rather than the beginning. See beyond what your strength can do. Always reach out for more successes. Hunger for greatness and see yourself do it.

#7 Sacrifice
Finally, a life without sacrifice can’t be spectacular. You must be ready to let go of something in life. All the enjoyments you sacrificed for success today will still come back fresh and at the right time. If it is phone addiction, partying, spending profusely, womanizing and others, you must be ready to let them pass to achieve greatness in your academics or life or businesses. The bitter truth is just that you must lose something to get something, you can’t have it all. So select wisely and see yourself soar higher.
Always remember, “The only thing you can’t do is what you don’t want to do”.

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