Riches without success

success and riches

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A speaker once agreed that poverty is used to bath every African child when he is born, such that he wants money more than anything. He further argued that it presents a reason why politicians stash alot of money for their children and grandchildren. Is it true an African prefer money to fame or invention. Are we so poor that we equate money to success.

Anyway, having alot of money doesn't qualify one to be successful unless it has been bastardized in Africa. No wonder the citizens worship politicians. You wonder why those that get to power forget their mission.

You can't have spent alot of money on campaign and not recurred your money firstly before remembering those that voted you. I then think we have equated success to money in this part of the world.

Money is outrighly different from success. "money can be stumbled upon, while success doesn't come by chance" - Able lincoln. You can make money as much as possible and not have success just because you are not happy. Success is relative to everyone, however, before it can be called success, that thing must make you happy.

If you got money in a wrong way, your days off happiness can be measured because you will eventually lose what you didn't work for. However, even if you are not satisfied enough, as long as it is the works of your hands, you are happy.

To an average African, the aim is to make money. Not really did he want to change his world, he doesn't care if he is recognized or well known for any invention, as long as he got money, he believes he has it all and has achieved. No wonder the African footballers that started well with their world counterparts could not go that far as their counterparts.

They get to a level and they are satisfied, as long as they get thousands of pounds a week. How about getting awards, what about being the best in what you are doing. Is everything all about money.

This is a food for thought for each and every one of us. Happiness and success are relative, but they are dependent on one another. What is the essence of success without happiness.

 You may not truly have it all, but you can all all the major things you need. Also, what makes us happy is different. "Life is in phases while men are in sizes". Money can be a means to success, but definitely, not success.

 But can money be left out of success???

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