5 People you must have in your baggage of Life Journey

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Yesterday, we discussed how and why you should develop others around you. However today, we would discuss those very important to you and around you. These people are very necessary for you to make it on the journey of life. You need helpers. You need those that are mentally stronger than you. Those that have passed through the stage are the best to help you.

We will identify the 5 important people in your life you must act carefully with:

#1 Those that care for you
These are the people that are either around you or away from you. They may include your parents, siblings, friends, or mentors. They may not offer you money but they can offer you sense. They can offer you good advice and they are ready to help you any extent. These people are not to be taken for granted. They will be happy to help you, therefore don’t lose them.

#2 Those that correct you
These people are most times detested because we have grown a thick skin to insults. We are so arrogant we don’t want to be corrected or told we are wrong. How do we want to grow when we don’t want to learn? The people that most times ignore your shortcomings don’t love you as much as those that see it and call your attention to it for you to make amends. It’s high time you developed an absorbing nature, so as to move very fast in the journey of life.

#3 Those that are always there for you
These also may not have something financial to offer you and they may even have, but they are necessary for the journey. They are always ready to hear from you and push you more. They are the ones that remind you how much effort you need to put into something. They encourage you not to give up and can go to any length to see you achieve your dreams. Make sure you don’t offend these people and they are always there with you on your journey.

#4 Those that wish you well
Yes, these ones are very necessary on the journey of life. They most times are one’s own family. They are more of backbones and they can’t wish or imagine you to fall. Mothers are most in this category as they are very emotional. Some might just not be able to live when you are absent. Have you imagined those that may not be able to stand the shock of your demise. They are the motivations you see and don’t want to quit. You see and remember their tears every day and you get back to work. Never let these ones go, you need them to see the reason why you should never quit.

#5 Those that tell you the truth
Finally, the category of people you will not want away from you on this journey of life are the ones that tell you the bitter truth to your face. They don’t care what you feel, they don’t mix feelings, and they tell you based on their observations. They express themselves rightly to you and wish you follow the right path. Many world leaders have fallen just because they pushed these ones away when they got to power, and instead employed praise singers or call them sycophants.

Therefore, make sure these people are always around you. Losing them is tantamount to forgetting your mission. Remember, if you could get there alone, then you should be there by now

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