10 Investment Strategies for Successful Investing


Investment is one of the best and fastest ways to being successful financially. The book ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ pictures this vividly and laid much importance on the need to invest. Some might have invested and lost one way or the other, but it is needless to say the cons of investment are more than the pros. Investment is the seed you sow, the bread you cast into the waters in tears and years later, you start getting your harvest. Whether we believe or not, we are all investors. The most common and unpopular form of investment is Pension. Though the government or the company you work for pay your salary every month, they still have a percentage they take from it, save for you and give to you as payoff when you are leaving or when you are retired, you benefit from life pension.

Right from the current richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos, to Bill Gates, Jack Ma, late Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and so on; they are all investors. Don’t be surprised that when they are retired, they would still be as rich as before or even richer; even if it gets worse for them, they can never go back into poverty, just because they have sowed the seed of Investment.

Therefore, it is very important to invest as much as possible and as soon as possible. Please, it is highly recommended that you read ‘Richest man in Babylon. For a potential investor, here are 10 strategies, tricks and keys to a successful Investment;

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#1 Risk means ‘not knowing what you are doing’
We have always laid emphasis on the need to take risks in order to be successful in life. Well, a risk is not a bad thing or so negative word like we used to think; however, risk becomes very dangerous when you know little to nothing about what you want venture in. Should you have or get a business idea, the business idea becomes a risk because you don’t know anything about it yet. 

The first and best thing to do at this moment is to read about that business idea. Seek knowledge of it, whether from people in it, people close to it, those with experience or from books. Go online and learn everything about it, the pros, cons, time span, and the tendencies to sustain it. Then, the business idea is no more a risk, but a potential waiting to succeed. ‘He who asks for the way doesn’t get lost’.

#2 When men are greedy, be fearful, when others are fearful, be greedy
The next strategy is Timing. It is imperative and very important for you to know when to start the business, when not to start and when to stop. There are some that are very ready to do all it takes for them to get to the end of a business. This isn’t bad in all; however, it is best to know when to stop. For this particular point, please refer to 48 Laws of Power. It will guide you on timing. When you discover almost everyone are doing a thing just for the reason to make a profit, then, be careful. 

This is common in Ponzi schemes where some have to donate before they get help and the likes, the profit of such things most times belong to early starters. Now when everyone is running from a particular business idea because the potentials are not really encouraging, after your reconnaissance, it is time to get into it. When you become successful in it, they will also want to get into it, but by then, you would have cashed out and the control of the market will be with you.

#3 Never make a deal with who you don’t trust
For the sake of posterity, please, never do business or invest in someone or something you don’t trust whether a family member or not. As long as you don’t believe in someone or trust a person, or you are pessimistic about such person, please, never drop the penny that would affect you on such person or thing. Always make sure that the thing you want to start, that investment you want to do is what you believe in; this would help to prevent future heartbreaks.

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#4 Buy it with the mindset of keeping it
If you want to be a successful investor, it is high time you stopped spending money on frivolities and liabilities. Things that would not last more than 10 years are not worth your penny. Anything you know you want to spend money on should actually be what would add to you and make you achieve. The things that you bought with your money and you mistakenly misplaced or your nonchalant attitude got it lost were actually not needed by you. An investor puts his money on needs and not wants. Your amount of assets should be far greater than liabilities. Your number of estates should be more than your cars.

#5 The best Investment is Yourself
The best goal you could achieve in life is yourself. The best thing you could build is you. Attitude and character are few of the things you should invest in when it comes to achievement. Have you ever thought of reading motivational books just to learn, have you checked up YouTube for videos that can help you develop personally, have you got a mentor or people you look up to that you can learn from, have you built yourself to the level that can lead a whole nation, have you thought of investing on knowledge just to make you versatile in so many fields. 

When money comes and you are not ready for it, the money will leave. When wealth, estates, cars come through inheritance, if you don’t have a better character or attitude than the person that acquired it, just like thin air, they will vacate and you will be left wretched. Always invest in yourself.

#6 You pay the price, You get the value
It is only what you fight for that will last in your hands. Success is not easy to come by and that is why you must fight to get it. It is how much you invest that will determine how much profit that will come your way. You can’t invest $100 and expect the same profit with the person that invested $10,000. When you sacrifice a lot as painted in the article Sacrifice: What you must lose to win, then you must also get the reward of what you invested. Great people face great problems and small people face small problems. So think well before you invest. Never expect more than what you invested and never compare yourself with anyone.

#7 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
No job in this life is guaranteed. In fact, nothing in this life is guaranteed and it is never advisable that you bank on one job to get things done for your life. Always have different ways of getting things done. When you have just one investment, the level or percentage of reliability becomes very low as anything can happen. However, having different levels of investment, sharing your capital in a couple of businesses would have more guarantee of return than a particular business. Therefore, it is not wise to put all savings or capital into one particular thing.

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#8 Spend only what is left after saving
Wisdom is profitable to direct. Collecting a salary or getting an income and spending it the right way actually portrays wisdom. The book Richest Man in Babylon also did justice to this particular point. At every income you see, you should at least save, that is, invest about 70% and spend about 30%. It is out of this 30% that you do whatever you want to do personally. The 70% is an investment that should never be touched. It is a seed that should return back to the ground. 

Your expenditure should never be up to half of your income. Though it might be difficult to do, however, this is the best way to quick success and wealth. Never use your 10 fingers to eat; it is very dangerous. Always spend what is left after you have saved and invested. This article, Eating my Prime Seed will be very helpful for you on this.

#9 Never rely on one income
Anything can happen at any time. Never rely on a single job. Never count on one single investment. Always look out for new and multiple sources by which you can make more money. There are more than a million things you could do aside the 8am to 4am you are currently on. You can be selling things to people in your office, you can get a small kiosk, store or shop you go on weekends or after work during weekdays just  to augment what you get from your salary job. Don’t every try to think having a good salary from a single job is a guarantee; anything can definitely happen at any time.

#10 Be stingy to yourself
Finally on tips on investing strategies, always be stingy to yourself. Always know when to spend and always know the things to buy. Never buy something for the sake of having it. When others are buying a product that is very expensive and you got another product that is cheaper but can do the same thing, go for it, it doesn’t make you cheaper. Big cars, houses don’t make big men. Even the richest of men prefer to be that simple so there won’t be too much attention on them. When people ask questions why you don’t buy expensive things for yourself, always tell them both expensive and cheap things will fade. ‘The new clothes should not rejoice too much, rags were once like them’. Never buy the things you don’t need. Always strategize as best as possible before you conclude on getting that thing or not.

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