Introvert and Extrovert Test

Introvert and Extrovert

Every day we deal with different types of people; from the introverts, to the extroverts, the ambiverts, the Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic and the Melancholic. We meet these types of people every day at work, at home, events, social functions, institutions and many more. Aside this, there are other personalities that are more complicated than this. Before you go ahead and take the introvert test, check up yourself from these characteristics if it describes you.

Researches have helped us to know more about ourselves and the people around us. Everybody has got a particular and unique identity and understanding this part of people has made relationship cordial and has reduced the rives that should have risen as a result of different personalities. however, it would be good if you read more on introverts here before you go and take the test.

It is very important as an individual to understand yourself and as well understand the people around you. This article will focus more on the most popular personalities which are the introverts and extroverts. It is either one is more introverted than extroverted or the other way round. Also, one can be at the middle of both and termed ambivert (showing characteristics of introversion and extroversion). 

Each of these personalities has its characteristics and it can be convincingly confirmed that one is introverted or extroverted, and you can exhibit the characteristics of a particular personality more than the other. Successful introverts include Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Julia Roberts, Virginia Woolf, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg just to mention a few.

From the under listed are the characteristics of introverts and you can as well evaluate yourself and know where you belong;

       1.      Introverts prefer to be alone
    One of the most important characteristics of introverts is being alone or staying alone. They appear as reserved and most time keep to themselves. They hardly share moments with anybody, they prefer to do things alone without seeking help from anyone. It is actually not their fault they love being alone, that is just the best way they don’t lose energy and also gain more energy. When they are with people, people want them to talk and interact and this is a major factor that drains their energy. The more they talk, the weaker they become. If you discover you don’t like being with people or you love to be in dark places where you can be alone, then, it is likely you are an introvert.

      2.      Introverts are more connected to the inside world than the outside world
Another important aspect of introverts is their relationship with the inside world and the outside world. Introverts prefer to relate with themselves or talk to themselves than talking to other people. Seeing others alone weary them not to talk of staying and chatting with them. If you love the inside world than the outside world, they you are likely to be introverted.

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     3.      Introverts hate socializing
Introverts are known to be very poor at socializing. Though not all, most introverts are shy. They actually don’t know to be lively during a chat even with a fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e. They are hardly seen at functions and they are hardly interested in what is done at social functions.

     4.      Introvert always have a plan
Introverts, due to their ability to think through things, they hardly do things unplanned. If not all the time, introverts plan their lives most of the time. They hardly do things without planning. De facto, they would have thought of ways to achieve the things they want to do before they start at all.

     5.      Introverts are deep thinkers
Introverts stay alone most of the time and therefore have enough time to think about things that are even weird to imaginations. Don’t be surprised when you discover that many of the inventors we know are introverts and the most formidable example is Albert Einstein. Even things that do not exist, introverts think about them. Therefore, this accounts for the idealistic part of introverts. When it comes to critical analysis, introverts are very good. They are smart and intelligent and this personality is known to affect their relationships, most times negatively.

      6.      You are cautious and reflective
Introverts hardly rush whatever they do. They achieve though it may not be immediate or drastic. They always look back at their actions and check on their mistakes to prevent further occurrences. Even when selecting a partner, they slowly do and are very cautious. They hardly do mistakes and that is because they take their time to do things. Introverts analyze situations and even analyze the partners they want to go into relationship with. If the relationship seems to be non-mutual or beneficial, an introvert will likely opt out.

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     7.      Introverts are good observers
Due to the ability of introverts to think things through, being calm, reserved and keeping to themselves, they seriously study their environment and people around them. Though they may not mention, they can say one or two things about people around them. They hardly go into agreements or promises because they actually see people from far without saying a word. They know a lot about their environment; however, they keep to themselves a lot and people don’t know they actually know things.

     8.      Introverts hate small talk
Though introverts keep to themselves and love to stay alone, they actually talk and even at length. It is just that they love to talk about things that are very relevant and important. They speak about their experience and even love to advise people. They love to discuss a new knowledge they just gained and they interact well with productive people and people that are sapiosexual like them. Therefore, don’t think introverts are dumb or dull when they don’t talk to you, you might just not be making sense to them and they won’t like to waste their little energy interacting with you.

     9.      Introverts love to have in-depth knowledge about something
Yes, introverts are voracious readers and sapiosexuals. When they are determined to know a thing or achieve a thing, they nearly do all things possible to achieve it. They go extra length to acquire knowledge; they love experience too. Therefore, when introverts speak about a topic, you clearly see that they understand what they are saying. Even if an introvert struggles with a topic, he will go back immediately to the source to get more understanding. Introverts are daring and they fall in love with knowledge.

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     10.  Introverts are the cats while extroverts are the dogs
Finally on this series, introverts act similarly to the cats and the extroverts like the dogs. Hardly would you know if a cat is around you, so silent, observant and lonely. However, when a dog is near you, she wants you to play with her, cuddle her, and know she is around. Even if you ignore the dog, it comes to you to acknowledge her presence. Cats behave like the introverts while the dogs behave like the dogs.

This is not in any way to victimize a particular personality, rather it’s an avenue for everyone to understand and appreciate nature. It will also help to understand introverts as they are more like the weaklings in the society because they are misunderstood due to their calm and silent characters. 

Whenever you see an introvert, please appreciate one, it is not easy to carry such a personality, they wish they could relate with the external environment and the world, however, they lose energy faster than they gain in the process; they are drained and become weary. So they avoid the external world and you say they are reserved, shy and clueless. No they are not; their nature is what you see.

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