6 Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

My advice to this investor is the same that I give to the young investors in my classes...Devote the same earnest attention to investing that $50,000 as you devoted to earning it  - Ivan Boesky.

Rich Dad Poor Dad has remained one of the best-selling books in this century. Business men, entrepreneurs, investors, stock-brokers, employers and employees all try to have a taste of the book. It has helped to develop a lot of growing entrepreneurs, investors, parents, students and individuals. It lays so much emphasis on how to be rich most especially through investment. Well, the secret of wealth still remain investment. Investment is like a seed, which when sown at the right time, watered and taken care of, with time, tend to give you back multiples of your investments.  

Though investments can be risky at times, does that mean we should not invest? Those that drive cars have accidents and sometimes die, does that mean we should not drive cars again. Therefore, investment has a long way to go in the life of one that wants to be rich, wealthy or financially independent.

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Quickly, we would check through the lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad as written by Robert Kiyosaki;

#1 If you want to be rich, invest in your mind and buy assets
This particular point was fully covered in Eating my Prime Seed. This article is based on a young man who was getting a lot of cash when he was young but refused to invest in anything. Rather, he thinks the cash flow would continue forever and decided to swallow everything that comes to him without planting a seed. Well, he saw the end result.

One thing you should always have at the back of your mind is that the money you are getting now is actually a seed and you should treat it as such. You don’t eat seed, you sow it. Your mind is your biggest weapon to wealth and financial prosperity. How much do you water your mind every day for greatness.

 The little money you have with you, you can use it to start something and live sparingly on the profit. With time, it would become big. While you are spending the money with you, you should know you are eating your seed and also eating your harvest. ‘You borrow money at a certain rate and invest it at a higher rate and pocket the difference. It's that simple’ - Roberto Goizueta 

Invest the money in your hand now!!!

#2 The Single most powerful asset you have is your mind
The greatest asset possessed by a man is his mind. A major difference between success and failure is the control of the mind. So many don’t even know how to control their mind, how much more to nurture it. According to Encarta, the mind is the mental activities and memory of a person. The mind includes both conscious thoughts and unconscious activity like dreaming. The mind is just like the engine of a car, without which the car cannot move.

Similarly, your mind is your greatest asset. That is where the issues of your life come from. That is where great ideas that could make you successful come from. If your mind is full of dirty things, evil things, wrong ideas, then you have developed it to be such and the results you get would be same. However, if you have trained your mind to be keen, disciplined, evolving, deep and researching, don’t be surprised when it also turns you big.

That is why you have to pay attention to the things that go into your mind. You have to nurture your mind right. You have to read a lot of books to get ideas. You have to read of experiences on those that made it. If you want exclusive idea on how to develop your mind which is your greatest asset, then check this article.

#3 People who avoid failure also avoid success
Failure is not the opposite of Success, Failure is part of Success. Failure is what you see when you re short-sighted. When things don’t work your way, you call it failure, actually it is not, its only part of success. If Thomas Edison had not tried making the bulb more than 100 ways and know 999 ways not to make a bulb, he wouldn’t have arrived at the one way to make a bulb. If you are currently successful in your business, it means you know how not to start a business. And if you are still struggling with your business, it means you are garnering experience and knowing ways how not to do a thing.

The moment you start to see failure as a wrong thing, the moment you are derailing from the road to success. People that complain or moan about their downfall don’t go far in life. The first step to solving a problem is identifying the problem and believing that whatever goes wrong is your fault. If you tried to avoid failure in what you do, then you are unknowingly avoiding the success associated with it. 

The only way to avoid failure is not to try at all. How do you now succeed in it when you never tried at all. ‘Whenever you kill a human being you are killing a source of thought too. A human being is a collection of ideas, and these ideas take moral precedence over a society. Ideas are patterns of value’ - Robert M. Pirsig.

You can check the articles here for more on failure and its importance on your journey to success.

#4 Business is like a wheel barrow. Nothing happens until you start pushing
Life is like a bicycle, you only move when you keep cycling, and it is only when you keep moving that you are standing’. In life, we have our falls, we have our setbacks, the things that push us down, the tantrums, discouragements that do not want us to start or continue; however, the secret to succeeding in all of this is to continue moving.

Business doesn’t require you to be active this week and inactive next week. To succeed in that particular thing, you have to be on your feet all the time. Well, no one is saying it would always go your way, but you must always try to make it go your way. You can’t change the direction of a car that is parked, you have to start moving before you take the car in the direction you want.
It is time you stopped ruminating about the business idea, it is time you started it. Venture into it, you don’t gain anything staring at the idea while some are waiting to poach the idea from you.

#5 Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes, they are seen with your mind
Like we laid importance on the mind, successful ideas are not in the hands but in the mind. The opportunities that will last you for eternity and make you forget poverty are not at your front, you can’t even see them. If they are visible, so many would have latched on it that it won’t even get to you. The opportunities are abstract and are conceivable. You might call it a pre-conceived idea. They might not really make sense merely looking at it, but years later, they will make more than sense to you.

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Forget looking for something that is very sure, probably while so many prefer government jobs; one they can do anyhow and still get paid at month end after all. How long do you have to get paid, why don’t you develop that personal skill and start selling it. Even if you are doing a salary job, it doesn’t stop you from starting something personally. One you will always fall on should anything happen or when you are retired. You have indirectly increased your sources of income. You can prepare a life after retirement even when you are still a student. Think of working so hard today that you would retire at 40. This pushes you to do the risky things that would actually make you successful.

Remember, nothing is guaranteed in this life except death

#6 When it comes to money, the only skill most people know is working hard
‘As is the case in all branches of art, success depends in a very large measure upon individual initiative and exertion, and cannot be achieved except by dint of hard work’ - Anna Pavlova. Nobody gets to the top by not working hard. You don’t get to the peak of your career by playing away your time or being lazy. However, hard work may not be enough to take you to the top. What about being smart? Definitely you can’t rule out smartness from the success of any adventure. You can see these articles for more tricks to success.

You will actually go far in your career by working very hard; however, you will reach the peak of your career by being smart. Always study the market, study your competitors, look out for the things they do better than you. The only way you can beat your competitors is to study them. You can see this in lessons from billionaires. When you do so, you identify their strengths and weaknesses and you use that to strategize on your own business to become a success.

You can get the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki here or by clicking the image

You can also check our motivational-books library here where you can get your motivational books. Don’t leave anything out in what you are doing. Give no room for mistakes. Trust your employees, study every day, learn from people ahead of you, invest as much as possible, read a lot of books, do productive things, take enough rest, spend time with your family, make your wife happy, prepare for tomorrow and see yourself soar higher.

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