The 13 things you do that cut short your expectations and limit your success

13 things

While many have been known to fight, struggle, stretch, lack sleep just to be successful, still, they are yet to make a headway. The fights have looked like it is not ending soon and as if they are just doing it wrongly. Yes, you are right, you have not been doing it the right way. Many don’t even put half of the effort you put. Surely, you just need to add or remove one or two things. So what are they?

It’s in your habit never to do anything. You also can confirm that you are lazy. This has added procrastination to the life you live. You just will never get out of bed in time. There is a lion on the street and you don’t want to die, it is pouring out there and you don’t want to get wet, I don’t need to do it now, why not later. Stop being lazy around and get things done in time.

You are the last child, and so, should we jump into the ditch because of you. Am a lady, men are supposed to pay my bills, how did you come about that, why must men pay your bills. Most of the times, you believe the world should revolve round you. Definitely, success can never come 100 m close to you. Stop waiting for good, reach out for it.

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And so, just because you came from a poor family, your upbringing was full of servitude, it has really damaged your ego. It has crushed your confidence so much you don’t even believe in yourself. Your beginning doesn’t matter as much as your ending. Where you are going isn’t as far as where you are coming from. Drop that fear and fight for what you want.

Who are your circles of friends? Are they the ones that are optimistic about tomorrow or those that still believe what will be will be. Are you still of the opinion that ‘it will work if it will work’. It’s high time you stopped such behavior. Feel good about everything, see the beautiful part of everything about you, and envisage your success before it reaches you.

Stop Thinking
You think so much that you now have paralysis by analysis. You try most times to check the pros and cons of every step, while this isn’t wrong, you have most times wasted a lot of time and the idea is hijacked. Why don’t you take more of actions than still getting scared of what the outcome will be.
No Goals
Que sera sera, What will be will be’, what if what will be don’t be or what will be doesn’t be in time. This line has so much pushed you to the backline. You have no target, no goals, you just believe you keep doing things the same way, if it will work, it will work. This is quite bad. You need to set goals for yourself. You need to know what to gain in every decision you take.

‘They’ has been your own limiting factor. You believe the ‘Village People’ are the ones drawing you back. Have you seen the ‘They’. The challenges you have are only similar to the exam you have to write to move to the next stage. Look beyond your limitations. Even if there are ‘They’, ignore them, do like you don’t see them. You don’t focus on the noise in the market, you focus on who you are trading with.

No “X” Factor
No, I can’t just do this, it is too risky, what if it fails, what if it doesn’t fall through, what will happen to the business, what will I fall back on. You have got a load of excuses never to excel. You never believe you can do it. Your self- esteem has been battered severely. All you have now is your body with no courage. Look beyond what is stopping you, and see more of why you can do it.
Waste Time
You have been unproductive all this while because what should averagely take you 1 hr actually takes 2. You keep on doing the same thing for several hours, days, years. How do you expect to achieve any goal with this. Stop spending hours working on not-working.

Social Bullshit
On the average, you spend more than 6 hrs daily on social media, not actually for business or reading necessary things, but you actually upload your latest pictures, check other people’s pictures, you want to be updated on the latest nonsense, you want to be praised for marking attendance while the owners of these platforms use your presence to make money. If you have a problem stopping this habit, why don’t you develop or think on what you can use the social media to do, especially in making money. Remember, even when you are gone, social media would still be around.

Think Small
One of your problems is that you are myopic. You think in hours, minutes, days instead of years. The popular Nairaland you rush to for updates started far back as 2005; some that sleep on Nairaland today don’t even know it exists in 2013. Just because you started a business and your patronage is discouraging, you think that is not your calling. Do you lay a bungalow foundation for a duplex. Better add more flavor and be more persistent about what you are doing currently and see it boom in years.

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Don’t Want it
According to Rancho in 3 idiots, he claims that the heart fears in difficult situations, but you have to place your hands on your chest and say all is well. This doesn’t automatically rule out the fear, but it gives rays of hope. And that is why you have to hunger. Stop feeling scared about the future. You have to envy success to have it. You have to be voracious, thirsty and panting for it. Fight for it like your life depends on it.

Don’t Believe
Finally, the society has damaged your psyche and made you believe not everybody can make it. It is now one of your beliefs that luck is the thing that makes successful people. This just have to stop today and right now. You have to start believing in your dreams. You have dreamt your dreams enough, now start living it and acting it. You can also make it if you believe.
Remember, the only thing you can’t do is what you don’t want to do.

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