10 Things you need to take your Stand


Most times, you are tossed like a coin, driven like a car, rode like a bike, pushed like a barrow, stretched like a rubber and the likes, just because you will never stay on your ground. Several times your emotion has betrayed you, it makes you bulge at any instance and this even affects your success rate. Decisions to you are very volatile, you are easily moved and you can at a blink change your business due to your poor decision making and inability to remain resilient. This will continue to affect you negatively, and
www.motivate.com.ng has developed 10 ideas for you to master and become resilient.

#1 Acceptance
You are so emotional that your own thoughts and decisions lack integrity. Now, this must stop. You must first learn to accept yourself before others can accept you. Your thoughts, decisions and actions are as important as you yourself. Work on your emotional intelligence and always trust yourself to pick the best for yourself.

#2 Stay Calm
Learn to stay calm in every situation. The worst decisions we take in life are the ones we make when angry. Even if what is going on at that moment is infuriating, trust your inner self and listen to what is coming from within than what is coming from without.

#3 Be Authentic
Learn to be yourself and no other person. Every human is distinctive. We can’t all act the same. What you don’t like, express yourself to such person that tries it with you so as not to repeat itself. Only tolerate what will not harm you and not otherwise.

#4 Be Realistic
Know that something bad can happen. Either in business, family, work, or anywhere, it may just not work how you planned it. We don’t have all what we want in life. Therefore, prepare for anything that comes. It might just be a little step back and not a stop. It might even be a sign of what is to come or how you could have done it better, just take every result in a light mood.

#5 Trust in You
No one knows you as much as you know yourself. Learn to trust in yourself. You alone know your strength and weaknesses. Protect your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Drive people to see more of your strengths than telling every dick and harry how they can get you to bow. Believe also in your own abilities and know you can achieve anything you want to.

#6 Improvise
Yes, you have to learn how to change methods. You have to be innovative. A plan not working as you wanted doesn’t mean it has to stop. You just have to refine it. Probably the approach was wrong, then try it another way. Not all things are outrightly bad, some just need few touches to hit a jackpot.

#7 Gratitude
Develop the habit of appreciating what you have rather than wailing about what you lost or what you don’t have. If you wished to have the riches, wealth, success, breakthroughs, inventions of others, do you also wish to have the troubles of others. Late Steve Jobs, the popular co-founder of Apple, was brought up by another parents, when he was born, his own parents had to put him up for adoption. Can you even do without seeing your parents for a day? Therefore, learn to appreciate what you have and stop crying over others’ success.

#8 Work Hard
Only you can do it the way you want it. Take responsibilities for your own life. Work pretty hard, you can’t achieve anything while lazy. Reach out for what pleases you. However, learn to seek help when needed. Your strength may not be enough. Helping hands are welcome.

#9 Find Purpose
There is that thing you love doing, then start doing it now. Don’t let anyone give reasons why you should not follow your mind, rather, see reasons why you have to do something. While you are serving others, make sure you are also serving yourself. Always set goals for yourself and never relent until it is accomplished. Your own purpose for yourself is greater than every other person’s opinion about you.

#10 Support
Make sure there is this one person you relate with very well. A person you can lean on, take advice from, support you in any way or guide you. One you can rush to when you are down. You can’t tread the path alone, so have one beside you on that journey, to make it blissful.

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