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So, we have most times discussed on how to develop oneself personally, but today, we would see how we can develop the people around us and why we need to.
Humans are known to be insatiable, and therefore, you can't please them. They tend to denigrate even the efforts you put to better them, however, does that mean you should help no one?


Most times, we struggle enough to make it without a consideration of those around us. A candle loses nothing sharing it's strength with others. Humans are social beings that are known to depend on one another. You might not know, the thing you did for a partner today and you called small might be the push that person needs in life to make it. You might have triggered a successful beast in such a person. And the person might be the one to help you to your destination later in life.
An anonymous speaker once said, 'No one leaves this World alive'. This means we all gonna go one day. How many lives would you have influenced then. Some of the world's richest men promised to donate a ninety percent of their wealth for charity before they die. Examples are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. After the world has given to them, they are giving back to the world.

In essence, what would people say about you when you are gone. What would you be remembered for. Are you so concerned about making it that you ignored those that will pilfer all what you acquired after you have gone. 

Do you at all imagine where you would have been if no one helped you. Would things still be like this if you all got the needed push. It doesn't have to be big before you help a fellow. It is not necessary it should be financial. Our needs are relative, and it ranges from financial, to material things, advice, encouragement, punishment, criticism, prayers, urge, or even asking about someone. 
Don't ever think all you can offer is money. Emotional needs are more important than money. If riches were enough, some would be immortal by now. Do the little you can for that poor boy, poor girl, advice that wayward fellow, care for that truant, add to the people around you and believe in the dreams of others.

Remember, if you could live in this world alone, no one would be here with you. Help someone today no matter how little.
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