8 Success Habits: What actually makes you a Successful Person


According to Donald Trump (POTUS), ‘In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish’. What are the habits that actually make you a successful person. Success might be relative, difficult to measure or means a lot of things to different people, but still, it is partially quantifiable and can be trapped in spatial science. I mean, there are just few things you might have done and we say you are successful. 

Please note that, you might be the richest person in the world and you are not successful. Definition of success does not start and end with how rich you are, how much you have, how big your empire or how happy you are, but how much faces you wiped their tears, how much people you ended their pains, how much successful people like you were produced under you and how successful your successor is after you were gone

You start to ask, how the success of my successor concerns me, yes it does in a big way. What is the essence of the good works you did as a leader when the person after you will come and throw them to the dust or destroy them. Therefore in this article, we will identify eight things that make you a successful person;

#1 When you can control yourself
According to Horace, ‘Anger is a momentary madness, so control your passion or it will control you’. One of the characters of successful people is Self-control. It is imperative to know that you can’t even go far in life not to talk of being successful when you can’t control yourself. One of the major characteristics you must exhibit as a successful man is ability to say no when it is necessary but difficult to, ability not to steal when such opportunity comes, ability to tell the truth under great pressure, and ability to deny yourself a lot of things just to achieve

A man without Self-control is not successful. You can check this article 3 Power Packs of Life to see how important your success depends on Self-control. ‘Speak when you are angry—and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret’ - Laurence J. Peter
#2 Man with open heart
Another point worthy of note on what constitutes a success is how open your heart is. If you think you are rich and you got a lot of security to guard you from threat, thereby shutting people out of your life, then you are not a success. With your riches and the long table you have got, you ought to build a bridge where people can use to have an access to you and not a wall that will ward people off you. Hope you are aware you will leave those riches for the people after you, and you don’t know if they will be wise in spending it or foolish in wasting it. 

The likes of the richest men in the world, like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg have decided that more than 90% of their wealth will be used for charity as they near their death bed, how much more you not close to the half of their worth. If you want to be a successful man, then people must benefit from your wealth, because, you are not wealthy for yourself alone or your family, but for the world around you.
#3 Man who appreciates
According to Nina Simone,Often you don't know how truly happy you were then until you look back and realize how much worse things could have been’. Are you fond of not thanking God for your present situation or wherever you find yourself at any point in time. Or you forgot that you having access to this article is actually a privilege and not a right. There are more than one billion people out there who are poverty-stricken, have not eaten anything for days, who sleeps under bridges or dump sites, who have no personal lives they can call theirs and who don’t know what their tomorrow holds for them. 

They have no idea what life will become of them anytime and they have never had access to the internet you are currently using to access this platform. Do you even appreciate the people that have even helped you this far, people that have seen you grow to this level and see you become who you want to be. One of the ways a man can easily fall is not to appreciate as little things done or given to him. If you think you are a successful man, then you have to be grateful for the gift of life and where and what you are today. ‘A man's indebtedness...is not virtue; his repayment is. Virtue begins when he dedicates himself actively to the job of gratitude.’ - Ruth Benedict 

#4 Competing with yourself rather than others
According to Theodore Roosevelt , ‘Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they lie in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat’. You are not a success until you see and try to beat, win and outsmart yourself rather than competing with others all the time. 
Our life exams are very different, so why dragging with the success of others. Life is so accommodating that it gives room for anyone who wants to do great things or achieve to do so. Stop getting jealous of the success of others, stop being envious of the good lives others are living, rather focus on your own life and how to make it better. Doing better every day with your life is what makes you successful.

#5 A loving home and family
According to James Brown, ‘Sometimes I look back on my life and wonder just how one man could achieve all I've done’. The richest man in the world with no happy and loving family is never successful. What is the essence of your riches when you can’t even manage your home. Aside Jeff Bezos, who is the current richest man in the world, and who got separated amicably from his wife, with a better settlement, most wealthy men have made issues of their family so low. 

I mean, the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote and the likes have got no reason to drag their lives and family to public glare. You are not successful when you can manage wealth but not a family. If you are wealthy and your wife, husband and children are not making you happy, then you are not successful. It is rather better to have a happy family without wealth than wealth with unhappy family. Your family is part of what makes you successful.

#6 Achievement is by how much you sacrifice
According to Henry Highland Garnet, ‘However much you and all of us may desire it, there is not much hope of redemption without the shedding of blood. If you must bleed, let it all come at once—rather die freemen, than live to be slaves’. Mike Murdock once said, ‘the more you serve, the more you will be served’. Great men right from Thomas Sankara, Jerry Rawlings, Lee Yuan Kew are admired by how much they sacrificed for their countries because that is what makes them a success. You can’t call yourself a success when you can’t show the part of you that bleeds due to the sacrifice you had to do to where you are today. 

There is no successful person without a story of how they fought to get to where they are today. Your story is definitely not complete without a tragedy. Life doesn’t give us what we want, but what we deserve. Though we have the G factor, grace, luck, chance and all that, however, you can’t rule out hard work, sacrifice and smartness in being a success in life. Your achievements are counted by how much you sacrificed.
The worth of a man is certain only if he is prepared to sacrifice his own life for his convictions.’ - Henning von Tresckow

#7 Flexible to change; rigid in values
According to Denise McCluggage, ‘Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin’ and Confucius says, ‘It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change’. You can’t even get to a level of success without being flexible to change. If you checked the article, Six tricks to being a Successful Entrepreneur, it is well indicated the importance of being flexible to change in doing a business. The time is changing; the world was once analog, but now, it is digital. If you don’t adjust or change methods, you can’t go far in life
Anatole France says, ‘One must never lose time in vainly regretting the past nor in complaining about the changes which cause us discomfort, for change is the very essence of life’. The reason you are not growing or being successful in life is because you resist change. Allow water to flow and see yourself successful. However, don’t erode your values. Your true and right beliefs about life should not change. Try your best to be the man you want to be, believe in your values, also believe in change.

#8 Sharing knowledge
According to Morita Akio, ‘No matter how successful you are or how clever or crafty, your business and its future are in the hands of the people you hire. To put it a bit more dramatically, the fate of your business is actually in the hands of the youngest recruit’. You are nothing without people. If no one around you could boast of how he made it through you, then you are not successful. Alice Foote MacDougall says, ‘In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want.’ Yes, your success is people dependent. No one is an island of knowledge
You can’t continually be the ocean that receives all the time, also be a river that gives. Let knowledge flow out of you. Let virtue leave you and that is the only way virtue can return to you. The number of people you helped to the top will tell how successful you will be. And the hand that gives is always at the top, it is only the hand that receives that stays below.
I try to create an environment in which others make decisions. Success means not making them myself’ - Ricardo Semler 

Therefore, your success is by how much people you helped, how much influence you have on the world, how much the world will miss you when you are gone and how successful your successor will be when you bow out and not by how much you acquire as wealth, property or riches.
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