What changes a Life forever

What changes a Life forever

According to Robert Lekachman, ‘Capitalists are a self-nominating group. To join them is a matter of seizing an opportunity, mobilizing one's savings, borrowing from relatives, friends, and banks, working hard and intelligently, and testing one's acumen and luck’. Opportunities in a man’s life between entry and exit are limited. Aside from that, it is also for a large number of people, therefore, it requires great competition between those that are strongly interested. Making it in life is beyond wanting riches or wealth alone, it goes to working so hard and fighting to any length legally to get what we want. We will therefore briefly explain four major things required to be successful in life.

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Joan Miro says you don't gain even a centimetre of freedom from art that's governed by cold formulas. You only get your freedom by sweating for it, by an inner struggle. Making headway in life isn’t by some form of sweet talk or walk in the park. It is about fighting through, struggling, staying awake, opening one’s eyes, soiling the hands, and longing deeply for what one wants. Even the bible says, seeth a man diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings, and not mean men.

Currently, the world has become faster compared to about 10 or 20 years ago. Now we say the world is running. It is about becoming fast and sharp to get to the limited opportunities before some others do. It’s quite unfortunate though, but then, we have to work so hard at whatever cost if we are interested in becoming an elite. Stephen Leacock says I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. The more work we do, the more our chances and luck.

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Henrik Ibsen says, but be consistent, do it all the time, not one thing one day and another the next. Be wholly what you are, not half and half. Everyone now is a little of everything. Nothing comes to outright success without consistency. This is well covered in Consistency: Why water sinks deeper. We are just a whole of every bit. The current stage we are on or the success we share is a whole of some bits of hard work we have done in the past. We don’t do it today, sleep on it tomorrow, and return another day.

We have to be consistent in what we do. Since we have no other option of fighting for what we want, then we have to be consistent in what we are doing to get some results. Stagnant water can make a ditch if allowed to remain for a long time. Therefore, nothing beats fighting so hard consistently for what we want. Sometimes, we have to become obsessive about our life goals and desire. We don’t want to joke about our goals, and we don’t allow others to play with our goals and emotions. We should face our lives and fight till the end in becoming what we want in life.

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A popular African proverb says, ‘He who paddles two canoes, sinks’. Without focus, we can hardly achieve anything in life. Normally, the world has a lot of distractions. Taking up an assignment to do after class, the phone beeps for a chat from a friend, and attention is diverted easily. That is a little out of what can take our attention and this affects what we want to become in life. A Chinese proverb also says that the deer hunter should not look at the hare.

We all have different goals and directions in life. We should not try to copy others because they are doing better. Being focused on what we want to become is enough for us to also do very fine soon. When we focus on our own lives and goals, we tend to see deeper, achieve more, and go far if we face our doings, instead of diverting our attention to other people’s goals. Keep focusing and fighting, and you will get your own desired goals soon.

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According to Juan Carlos, a soldier, an army, which loses its sense of discipline ceases to be an army. One cannot go far in life without discipline. You can make wealth, acquire so many properties, and have different talents, but without discipline, one may not go far in life or not be so different from those that do not have any. Setting apart oneself is a very big step in making it in life and going far. Once we don’t know how to say no to things of pleasure when it is time to work, then we may not achieve much.

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Johann Heinrich says the greatest victory a man can win is victory over himself. When a man has learned to control himself, then he has learned to conquer the world. It is quite easy to advise and control others, but controlling ourselves is quite hard. The human body loves pleasure and does not know when to stop. However, the ability to say no and stop is a great virtue every human should learn. It is a recipe needed for a success that would last long. If we make all the money as we wished, if we gather all the properties as desired, if we have the skills that some dream of, we then need the discipline to maintain and sustain it. This will guarantee us being at the top of the echelon for a long time.

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