What delays and stops Success

What delays and stops Success

According to Donald Trump, in the end, you are measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish. Many times, we take critical steps in life toward succeeding, yet, we still take negative steps through our actions. Instead of us to keep fighting, we fight a little and probably rest or get discouraged. We lose some momentum, feel entirely discouraged and lose motivation. This leads to major delays or stops in life's journey. We will therefore see through some factors that could delay and stop our successful journeys:


Madame de Sevigne says it is sometimes best to slip over thoughts and not to go to the bottom of them. Never has overthinking solved any problem, it rather complicates it. Instead of us taking the major step before the idea is hijacked, we rather keep thinking about how to succeed. A lot of hallucinations and delusions with no step forward. After we were done thinking, we would have increased our own blood pressure or someone would have executed our precious idea.

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Delay always breeds danger, says Miguel de Cervantes. This is well covered in Procrastination: Time Thief’. The time keeps ticking, while we stay there thinking it is waiting for us. The only moment we have is now, yesterday has slipped away from our hands, and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone. Therefore, if we are interested in becoming anything in life, now is the time to fight hard for it. If an idea is brewing in our minds, now is the time to execute it. We don’t have the whole of today, we only have just this moment, and the next moment can belong to someone else. Fight for it now, don’t wait till any later that isn’t guaranteed to anyone. Pubilius Syrus says you should hammer your iron when it is glowing hot.

No  priorities

According to John Harvey-Jones, no amount of  'tricks of the trade' will avoid the need to set some sort of priority when allocating one's time. In fact, we can hardly go far in life without priorities. It is a misadventure if you can just be picked by friends, frivolities, or pleasure at any time you are working for yourself. There should be time for you to acquire or carry out particular activities. There must be high goals and low goals, and a timeline for these activities. This will help you to maximize your time.

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This is another major mistake we make in life. We analyze a lot about a particular idea. We think of the pros and cons several times we share with others to get their ideas. It isn’t a crime doing this, however, it is a disservice to us when we keep doing this every time till the time is lost. Analyzing before taking action is good, it prepares us for a loss or a win. However, overanalyzing only wastes time and makes us more unprepared.

No discipline

Going far in life without discipline is more of a mirage. Setting one apart for a particular time to fulfill or achieve a purpose is one of the major recipes for success. Getting involved in everything as invited by others including friends and family would only delay one’s success or even cause a denial. If a man cannot say no, especially to things that negatively affect his personal life including health, business, and family, then he would be doing himself a great disservice.

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Finding shortcuts

A popular Japanese proverb says, there is no shortcut to learning. It is as simple as learning and achieving the right way. Once we try to cut short the process, bypass the methods, or run past our own time, there is no way the shortcut would not cut us short in the long run. When others make their money and wealth illegally, don’t try to follow their path. Don’t try to compete with those ahead of you, everyone has his own time. As long as you keep working hard every day, you would eventually achieve it if you don’t give up.

The Perfect time

Waiting for the perfect time is like waiting for an airplane at the port. The best time to do whatever is needed or required is now, and the next best time is still now. If a man keeps waiting for everything to be set before he goes out for what he wants, then he should be ready to keep waiting. Others would have struck the gold, while we would eventually go with the scrap, provided the time we have been waiting forever comes. Never wait for what you want to come to you, reach out to it.

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Listening to unsuccessful people

What else could demotivate us on the success journey aside from listening to the reasons we can’t achieve it? Of course, the majority of those that didn’t succeed at it doesn’t also want you to succeed at it. They will be glad to see you add to their numbers. If only they could encourage you and tell you the mistakes they made which caused their failures, it would have been better. Instead, they most times tell you why you also wouldn’t make it. Therefore, use your tongue to count your teeth. Follow those that know the way.

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