Law 10 Infection: Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

48 Laws of Power

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Someone else’s misery can kill you; emotional states can be as infectious as diseases. You may think you are helping the man that is drowning, but you are only digging your own grave. Unfortunate people draw miseries on themselves, and they can also draw it to you. Always associate with the fortunate and happy instead.

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When people are into problems, we always have the natural tendency to help them. Truly, it is good and decent to help people, however, it must be done with wisdom. Some people unknowingly draw problems to themselves, and we should be careful how we attend to them. Some are called infectors. These types of people carry problems and spread them. This infecting character is not about gender, it can be anyone. Don’t try to study them, just learn a lesson from them and move.

There are some misfortunes among us whom circumstances of life brought down, and deserve all the help and sympathy we can render to them. However, there are those who draw misfortunes or unhappiness to themselves by their own destructive actions. It is a good thing if we could help them out and change their life, however, we often find ourselves being changed by their lives. This happens because we humans are susceptible to emotions, moods, and the people we spend our time with.

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Due to their strong intense emotions and characters, the unhappy and unstable have a strong infecting power. When they come to you, they appear as victims, thereby clouding you from seeing their problems as self-inflicted. Before you discover the truth of their problems, you have been infected by them. Note, in the game of power, the people you relate with are very critical. When you associate with infectors, you waste valuable time and energy when you decide to free yourself. Do not underestimate the dangers of infection.

There is only one solution to infection, and that is quarantine. By the time you discover you have been infected, it might be too late. More reason why you should quarantine yourself earlier. So how can you protect yourself against viruses from people? Simple. Judge people based on their actions and not on the reasons they give for their problems. In such cases, don’t take pity.

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Likewise, there are people that attract happiness, intelligence, natural buoyance, and fortunes to themselves. These people are a source of pleasure, and you must be part of the goodness they draw to themselves. Note, if you are a miser, you will never pass some limit in life; because, only generous souls can attain greatness. When you associate with the generous, they will infect you, and teach you to be generous, open up the tight places in you. If you are a gloomy person, associate with the cheerful so they can infect you.

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Do not associate with those that share the same problems and defects with you, because they will make the bad parts of you worse. Try to only create associations with positive characters. Always recognize the fortunate so you can join their company, and identify the unfortunate, so you can avoid them. Don’t open your door to misfortunes, because if you do, many others will follow… Don’t die of another man’s misery – Baltasar Gracian.

The people you move with will infect you, and turn you to their type. Therefore, know the type of people you move with.

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credit: Robert Greene

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