10 Things you can do if you don't have a Talent


According to Maya Angelou, Talent is like electricity. We don't understand electricity. We use it.’ Yes, talents are not meant to be useless but to be useful. Your talent would be the one to make the difference where so many can do exactly what you can do, but not all things require talents. This article is not on the use of your talents, but on the things you can do without talent. These activities and attitude will be the ones to shape your talent to what will fetch you money that can erase poverty from your generation

Truly, there is one thing or the other we can do better than others. There is just one thing you do and others marvel, one thing others do very hard and you make no sweat just to get it done in few minutes. Ayn Rand  says, ‘Money demands that you sell, not your weakness to men's stupidity, but your talent to their reason’.

However, in order for this talent to fetch you money or make you to be what you want to be, you must have the right attitude. You must have the right mindset and take the right actions to get it done. So, what are these ten things you can do without talent;

#1 Being on Time
‘Punctuality is the attitude of princes’ – Anonymous. Nothing becomes a success unless it is done on time. Punctuality is not a talent and you don’t learn it. If you know you want to achieve in life early enough, then people must know you for keeping to time and being in time. This separates you from others. Getting late to work, office, school, conference, meeting is a very bad attitude that could delay your success in life

It is better to get there early before schedule than getting there after schedule. People that do not keep to time are naturally unserious and bad to do business with. It means they can’t keep to their words and they cannot be trusted. Therefore, your attitude to time and whether you keep to time is part of the things people watch for and it is a major determinant if you will succeed and how early your success will be.

#2 Making an Effort
According to Frank Sinatra, ‘People would often remark that I'm pretty lucky. Luck is only important insofar as getting the chance to sell yourself at the right moment. After that, you've got to have talent and know how to use it’. While we can’t rule out grace and luck in having success in life, you can as well know that luck do not meet people in their bed

Time and effort are very important in determining how luck will work for you in life. You don’t need a talent in order to put an effort or initiate a process. You might have an idea, a talent, a creative mind, or zeal to do a thing, but if you don’t start it, then it remains dead in your mind. I fear it doesn’t go to the grave with you.

Bob Marley recounted his good old days when he was very poor and lurking around the slum with a poor mind and poor life. Of course Bob Marley has the talent to sing reggae music very well, but it remains there in him dead until he comes out to showcase the talent. Now when he came out to give a dose of what he got, money trickles in, fame followed and that was it. 

Of course the talent has always been there, but just like a talent that was buried and not invested, just like the large amount of money you kept in the bank and keep checking every day to see if it is still there, and you keep having a butterfly rumble in your stomach because you have big money that you could not double when you have the opportunity to. Without effort, talent is dead.

‘They gave me star treatment because I was making a lot of money. But I was just as good when I was poor’ - Bob Marley

#3 Being High Energy
‘The best that an individual can do is to concentrate on what he or she can do, in the course of a burning effort to do it better’. - Elizabeth Bowen. Suffice to know that it is not enough to start a project without following it to the latter. In order to achieve that particular thing, your body must be very hot for success. 

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You can’t achieve more than Ronaldo in football if you are not hungrier than Ronaldo in football. For whosoever you want to beat, you have to be hungrier than the person. Your energy and hunger for success must be very high that you feel scared of not succeeding. That is the only way you can get what you want and as soon as possible.

#4 Having a Positive Attitude
You can never go far in life without a positive attitude. Pessimistic people are backward and negative people. They hardly get things done and they have no reason why they should achieve anything in life. If you shared an idea with them, they would give you more than a million reason why you should not go for it. It is not their fault anyway, you just can’t give what you don’t have. They have no reason why they should achieve; therefore, they want everyone to be like them. 

If you love yourself, don’t be like them and don’t follow them. Whatever you want to do in life, while there is a reason why you should not do it or you can achieve it, you must create a million reason why you can achieve it. Always see yourself achieving it rather than not achieving it. It needs no talent to be optimistic about a thing, therefore, get a positive mind and attitude to achieve what you want in life.

#5 Being Passionate
The danger chiefly lies in acting well, No crime's so great as daring to excel’ - Charles Churchill. It is one thing to know how to do a thing, and it is another thing to love doing that thing. ‘When your profession is what you love, then work becomes fun’ – Anonymous. If you want to make anything serious from your work, then you have to love what you are doing.

Many people find their work boring and can’t wait to leave such job because they have no passion for it, they are just doing it to make ends meet. The moment they get their dream job or something better, they leave without looking back. Always make sure what you are doing is what you love and be passionate about it.

#6 Ready to Learn
John D. Rockefeller says, ‘Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people’. Only coachable and teachable people go far in life. If you want to get anything from anyone in life, then you must be humble and ready to learn. It doesn’t take talent to be humble, and it is not talent to be ready to learn, it is actually attitude. It is what should be part of you. If you are not ready to learn, then you are not ready to succeed.

This is just one of the big reasons and actions you must have to get to where you are going. When you are rude and not polite, people greater than you will not be ready or willing to help you. Therefore, if you discover people are not helping you, then check yourself, because nobody wants to put money where they don’t have control.

#7 Doing a little Extra
According to Mary Kay Ash, ‘Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else. It's the people with follow-through who excel’. You might have the talent, you might be able to do a thing than every other person, but if you do not have the attitude to follow through, or the urge to burn the night candle or a reason to put more effort, then it might not just fall through for you. 

You might have tried your best truly, you might have given your all, you might have been stretched thin, you might be used up in the process, but success and victory come to those that never gave up at the point of death. That little effort you put might just be the joker needed to achieve that thing. Try it; I am sure you won’t die doing it. It doesn’t require talent; it is just the willingness to do it.

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#8 Being Prepared
Louis Pasteur says, ‘Chance favors only the prepared mind.’ You can’t lie all day in bed and opportunities come there to meet you. It is not a talent thing to position yourself for the opportunities that may arise. Your own is just to get ready. Never wait for opportunities to come before you take a step. You must always reach out for what you want rather than wait for them to meet you. It is when opportunities come that your ability will be visible to everyone. ‘Ability is nothing without opportunity’. - Napoleon I

#9 Having a Strong Work Ethic
There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive.’ - B. C. Forbes. You and I know that there is dignity in labour, and whatsoever your hand finds to do, please do it well. It is better to be self-employed and have freedom, than to be a manager and be a slave. Even if your work or business is not fetching you as much as expected, as long as you derive satisfaction and peace of mind, then it is better than being an executive director and living the life of other people .

Honoré de Balzac says, ‘There is no such thing as a great talent without great willpower.No matter the kind of job you are doing, be it bricklaying, carpentry, or anything as long as it is legit, just brand it, package it well, and sell yourself to people with a strong positive mind for success and achievement.

Note: ‘He does not wish to appear the best, but to be it’ Aeschylus. Don’t try to impress or appear to be the best, always strive to actually be that best. Always give your all to be the man everyone would look up to and want to be like. It is one thing to have a talent; it is another thing to have the right attitude to make the talent a success.

We hope you have learnt one thing or the other, please share with friends and family, so that they can also benefit. You can leave a comment as well, and should you have suggestions or recommendations, it will be appreciated.

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