48 Laws of Power: The lessons

48 Laws of Power

Everyone has grown to have a negative feeling about the popular book 48 Laws of Power’ by Robert Greene. People feel it is evil and it should be done away with. However, Motivate would review 48Laws of Power’ and filter the good and beautiful ones that can successfully be used by people. For every dark cloud, there could be a silver lining.

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First, let us learn some lessons from the laws, before we start to pick the laws by number. Niccolo Machiavelli says, ‘Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good’. While some agree life is fair, some may be of the opinion that life isn’t. We can all decide to be good, but then, there would be some who wouldn’t. For a peaceful society, we may not have all the people to be peaceful, we may not have all the people to be good, but we need a large amount of people to be good and peaceful for there to be a peaceful society. Therefore, while you try to be good to everyone, always know and believe that some people do not care, and they don’t mind taking a pound of flesh on you.

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Know when to display your weakness

In life, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all have where we are capable, and when we need help. However, showing our weaknesses or not might be dicey. The reason is simple; there are some cases we have to be frank and honest with our weaknesses, and there are some cases we shouldn’t. Therefore, always be aware of your environment. When you want to go into a competition, you can try to paint your strength as weakness and your weakness as strength (We leave that for you to think about).

Be careful of innocent people

Also, be very careful of people that act naïve. They behave as if they know nothing, they act dumb, stupid and unaware. They may be trying to distract you from thinking they want anything. In fact, they may be the smartest people around you, but they act as if they are not. Always try to sieve through them and their intentions. They may be up to something. You can see and learn this from children. They know they are weak, they know they are naïve, but they can be emotional and manipulative, just to gain control of people around them. Robert Greene says, ‘Those that make a show or display of their innocence are the least innocent of all’.

Master your Emotions

Another important skill you must also learn is to master your emotions. Emotional people are the worst people to deal with. Though they try to emotionally manipulate to get things done, but it is not good for you as a person, as you can be easily manipulated. Emotional people are full of mistakes; they act based on their heart and affection most times, leaving logic and making them to go wrong. Emotions make situations dirty, they becloud one from seeing the truth, or coming to a logical conclusion. Once emotions becloud you, you won’t be able to make best decisions. Also, anger is one you should always avoid. Once you show your anger in public, you will be vulnerable.

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Avoid repeating your Mistakes

Further, always look back in life. Mistakes in life are normal, repeating mistakes isn’t. Learn not to repeat your own mistakes. Always look at the mistakes you have done in the past. Ensure you don’t repeat such and always prepare yourself not to fall in the same trap. Also learn from people’s mistakes because that’s the best way to learn. The more mistakes you make, the more you slow yourself down. So how long do you want to slow yourself before you eventually get to where you are going.

Learn to be Patient

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a skill, a weapon, patience saves. Patience protects from making moronic blunders. Some people intentionally infuriate you, so you can lose your manners and make mistakes or blunders. You can see through their tricks. Learn to be patient. The moment people want to make you angry but you are not, they become troubled. They discover you have conquered. Once you are angry when you ought to be patient, you have given yourself to the enemy. Impatience instead makes you weak and it denies you of the good things you can get from life. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Trust no one

The falling of empires mostly come from betrayals. Betrayal never comes from enemies, it comes from friends, and closest ones at that. Thomas Sankara was killed by his own best friend. Never judge your competitors or opponents by their intentions but by their actions. People cover their actions, they don’t want you to see through them, till they have deeply penetrated you. Your enemies can’t come so close anyway, they send your friends. Be very careful around people, always watch out, else you might be gone in minutes without even knowing it.

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Life is short, Opportunities are few

Life doesn’t promise anyone the best, you fight for it. Life never told anyone I will be fair to you; life just happens. Time is very important. never joke with your time; never let people steal your time. Do not waste your valuable time or your mental peace of mind on others, that is a big price to pay. Always know life is volatile, opportunity is volatile, here in this minute and gone in another minute. Always try to bring out the best in everything you do.

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Power is seductive, Power is deceptive, always know when to stop seeking for power.’

Law 1   Law 2     Law 3   Law 4

Credit: Robert Greene

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