What God would do, and what Man would do

Role of God and role of Man
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men’ – Proverbs 22:29. Where a man is going isn’t as far as where he is coming from, the stops on the way might just be much. This piece comes as a motivation to the undeveloped Africa and Africans, who prioritized prayers over hard work, religion over tolerance, and religious houses over growth. According to Karl Marx, ‘religion is the opium of the people’. While many thought he was being against religion, while in actual sense, what he meant is that, ‘Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people’. 

Normally, religion is supposed to bring peace to the world, but it rather brought chaos. But how? This occurred through religious intolerance. Religion is supposed to be ‘serving God’; but now, 'religion is the following of some beliefs'. And this so called religion, has increased the laziness of people, such that they turned God to a magician, who is supposed to provide them the basic amenities they could provide for themselves.

Christianity and Islam, which are supposed to be the two major religions in the world, and serve as the accordion of means by which people know God, has been tampered with and selfish people use it as a means of subjugation and political annihilation. Instead of them interpreting the holy books into what God is saying, they rather make it seem as what will bring fortunes to their own pocket. Are we to blame them, when the average man is also lazy to carry the book and read, or communicate with God himself. Rather, he prefers to listen to the religious leaders who would rather say they hear from God and tell him what he wants to hear. 

Suffice to say, the most religious societies are the most chaotic in the world, and as well with the worst government and human development index. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq are associated with a form of terrorism, while African countries, most especially Nigeria who could have mosques and churches at every street in the country exhibit almost the worst government where there is high unemployment, corruption, profligacy, banditry and many more. This stems from the government down to the people. While those in government steal money meant for the whole country, the country keep praying for good roads, water, electricity, security and many more.

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I never knew God is into road construction, or God is an electrician, a police or soldier to guide your house or government official to provide basic amenities. Countries like Russia, china, who are least religious have this in abundance and you ask why. This indicates that God would not do what man can do for himself. If your government isn’t providing you water, electricity or security, you ask them for it until they give you and stop asking God as if he collects contracts. The primary role of every government is to provide basic amenities like food and shelter, electricity, security, water and good roads; and this reduces the gap between the poor and the rich. It makes everyone feel like a citizen and increases the belief that you can still live long and in peace without having more than a car or even having a car at all.

An average man should be able to have 24/7 light, good roads to move, security of lives and properties, and the need to ask God for irrelevant things would reduce. God already gave us amenities like oil, the sea, gold, copper, tin, which are even lacking in some advanced countries, so what else should God do for us, mine the gold? If the country were to be serious, after more than 50 years of oil discovery, should they still have to sell crude oil and buy it refined. In the growth of every child, there is the time to sit, crawl, walk and run. By now, Nigeria should be running, alas, it is still learning how to crawl.

Well, all hope is not lost. The corruption and profligacy of the government first have to be curbed. And this can only be done when the people coalesce and ask for their right. There is a need for unity among the people, to put an end to this incessant corruption that stares us in the face. When you are required to vote, make sure you vote with your brain and conscience, and not your stomach. Be more concerned about your government and the decisions they take on your behalf and on behalf of the country.

To the religious leaders, posterity would judge you if you actually led people to God or you took advantage of them. Instead of teaching them how to behave rightly with God, you are rather more concerned about what gifts and money they can offer your church and mosques. If there are more religious houses, it should mean less of crime, however, the opposite is the reality; and this shows it’s not about the buildings but the hearts. Stop building the physical structures, rather, it should be the hearts you building. 

And to the average youth that sleeps in church and mosques waiting for miracles, you may have to stay longer there and still remain in penury. If God would bless the work of your hands, then that would be the work you doing to survive. Go out there and work, and see God multiply you. God is not a magician that would make you rich without doing nothing. He said seeth a man diligent in his work, what’s your work, and are you diligent in it? God would do His part, have you done yours. 

And to the politicians who keep stealing money and telling the people to pray to God for basic amenities, always remember there is an end to everything. Do not forget the Arab Spring, the overturning in Sudan. If you named all emoluments after yourself with your bad governance, when the right person comes, he will erase it and destroy the name of your family that was embellished in corruption. If you said as a leader you are trying your best, you claim to build schools that your children do not attend, hospitals you do not visit, then you are worse and you will pay for it dearly; it is just a matter of time. Every man that wants to go to an holy land or on pilgrimage, should do so from his own money, as it is a personal affair, and government should stop being wasteful and using people's money to further the religious interest of certain few. It is really a dumb idea.
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I use this opportunity to sensitize Nigerian youths to know that they deserve better. Corruption is not normal, the profligate leaders just want to make it look like such. Ask for your right, vote wisely, stop following politicians; they do not love you. Stop creating violence for them during elections; if violence was right, they should have used their own children. Always take part in what would lift your country. If your own parents failed you by not preparing wealth and good governance for you, please do not fail your children. If because of death you don’t want to join the protest against bad governance, remember God would never give you good governance, and with insecurity on the rise, you might as well be an unplanned victim.

‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’ – John F. Kennedy.

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