The Realities

The Realities

According to Jean Piaget, we are constantly hatching an enormous number of false ideas, conceits, utopias, mystical explanations, suspicions, and megalomaniacal fantasies, which disappear when brought into contact with other people. We often overrate ourselves, thinking we are better than everyone else. We live and believe we are the oxygen other people use to live; without us, they are nothing else. Pedro Calderon says, what is life? A frenzy. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction, and the greatest good is worth little; since all of life is a dream, and dreams are dreams. The earlier we realize that as much as others need us, we also need others, then the better for us. In this life, we are all in the middle after all. We do it better than others, and some also do it better than us. We will therefore look at some life realities that stare us in the face:

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You can't always be right

Only in our imaginations or fantasies can we ever think whatever we say, or think is right and everyone else is wrong. One of the characteristics of intelligent people is acknowledging that others can have dissenting opinions or opposite views of things. Our experience shapes our views, thoughts, and opinions; and since our experience isn’t similar, we definitely will contribute differently. Respecting other people’s views shows a great deal of maturity. It shows we can work with others, be tolerant, and have a great deal of patience. We should disagree to agree and not always disagree because our opinion must stand or win every argument. We can always do better.

You don't know all things

We are yet to see anyone who knows all except the Almighty. When we think we know all or know a lot, it indicates we know nothing, and we often exude so much ignorance. Funny enough, we talk with so much confidence and embarrass ourselves while others watch us disgrace ourselves. Most times, people who do not speak know what we don’t know and don’t want to intimidate others. We should always observe the mood of listeners so we can always call ourselves to order early enough. Meanwhile, whenever we are through with sharing our ideas, we should also listen to others and their opinions. It shows some respect.

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You are not the richest

While we might be rich in our own capacity, we might even be the richest at that point, but it’s all for a moment. It was Bill Gates yesterday, Elon Musk today, and we don’t know whose turn tomorrow. We may be doing fine and not even close to these people, yet we have intimidated those not doing better than us several times. If some of us have the best moments, including holding the oxygen others use to breathe, then we will seize it just to see them suffer and feel good in ourselves. Some look for money just to intimidate others and nothing else. Anyway, whether we are rich or not, there are those doing it better.

You are not the most intelligent

Furthermore, we think we are the most intelligent in our workplace, class, or among friends. We assume ourselves to be the smartest and are always interested in beating everyone else. Well, we might be intelligent indeed, but there are a thousand and one out there that would beat us hands down any day. In fact, there is a category of intelligence, including social, emotional, academic, and we can most times be stronger in one and weaker in the other. We might be book smart while someone else is street smart. We might beat all the scores in class while we struggle at business, and the dullest in class just seems to find his strength in such field. We should respect others as much as we would like to be respected.

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You can also need help

It has been established that humans are social beings. This implies that we need others to live and survive successfully. There is no mountain anywhere, and we are all the small hills that need the valleys and flat plains beside us to maintain our state and stature. We can have the skill and resources to always help; however, we also need a lot more. The richest man needs people to work for him, he needs a driver to drive him, a cleaner to clean his house, and a cook to prepare his food. He may try to do it all alone, while his strength in inventing ideas to fetch money suffers a setback as the focus is diverted. We should believe in others as much as they believe in us.

You can't control everyone

The oldest man on earth may be somewhere he needs others to attend to his needs even though he ought to be in control. Then who are we with so many older than us. Because of the money we have, we think we can call the shots at everyone else. We feel we should be able to speak, and others listen while we never listen to them. We should always know others have the right to live their lives how best they think. Even if we provide for them in some capacity, we should not believe they sold the rights they have to us. It’s all but a privilege that we can provide for them. If we stop doing it, others will do it anyway.

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You are just one out of many

Truly, we are just one out of the so many rich, intelligent, brilliant, handsome, beautiful people out there. We might be so handsome or beautiful, but there are many out there who are more beautiful and less beautiful. While we pass some, some also pass us. We are all in the middle, after all. We should appreciate our strengths, resources, and our capability. We should not, however, think we are indispensable. In life, anyone can be replaced. Even if someone dies, the person is replaced at the workplace the next day. We should use our strength to assist and help; this is what we are remembered for when we leave or exit this world.

This life we all have is borrowed.

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