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Steve Jobs

The hidden Part that makes us Sad
Jobs was not comfortable not knowing his parents but also never wanted his adoptive parents Paul and Clara Jobs to feel bad and think he doesn’t recognize them as his parents. He claimed to love them so much and never wanted them to know that he was searching for his real parents. Jobs eventually found his biological mother after the death of his adoptive mother and taking permission from his adoptive father.

Jobs requested the media not to make his search public. The reason Job searched for his mother was out of curiosity, to see if she is fine and also to thank her for not aborting her despite the psychological and emotional pressure at 23 to have her. The mother later told Jobs that she regretted the decision to give up Jobs for adoption and apologized repeatedly. Jobs then developed a relationship with his mother.

Jandali, Jobs father was managing a restaurant at San Jose and claims that all the successful technology people used to come to the restaurant, Steve Jobs inclusive who he claims was sweet and a big tipper. Jobs also claimed to have been to the restaurant few times and met the owner who was Syrian and also bald; we exchanged greetings and shook hands. Jobs decided not to meet him because he was rich then and the father might blackmail him or made it public. Jandali would later discover that he was the father of Steve Jobs on an online blog; however, he never contacted Jobs.
The Return
Apple in 1996 declared that they would buy NeXT for a whooping sum of $427 million. The deal came through in February 1997, and this brought Jobs back to Apple he cofounded and Jobs became the chief of Apple; this made most of the employees feared Jobs might sack them. While Jobs was the chairman of Apple, there was a significant increase in the sales of Apple and there was improvement in the products of Apple. Jobs in 2000 became the CEO of Apple and he opted to call himself ‘iCEO’.

Learn to predict in Business
Jobs was seen as a perfectionist that demands too much and tries to put his business at the forefront where he sets innovation and style trends. This was corroborated by his claim on the quote by Wayne Gretzky, ‘I skate to where the puck will be and not where it has been’ and this is what we try to achieve in Apple from the beginning and it won’t stop anytime soon.

World going the Technology way
At an interview in 2011, Jobs shared his conversation with the US president then, Barack Obama. He lamented the problem of inadequate software engineers in the US, and requested that any foreign student who graduated at a US university with an engineering degree should automatically be given the green card. Obama smartly objected and gave reasons why it won’t work that way and he said he was infuriated by this.

Money can’t buy it all
In October 2003, the worst happened to Jobs; he was diagnosed with cancer and in mid-2004, he informed his employees that he had a cancerous tumor ( pancreas). The prognosis for pancreatic cancer then wasn’t adequate and his own type was rare and known as the islet cell neuroendocrine tumor.
Jobs at this time would not listen to the recommendations of his doctors who had told him to seek medical intervention instead of the alternative method he was using. Ramzi Amri, a Harvard researcher claimed that his early death was as a result of his alternative treatment. Doctors claim that the type of cancer Jobs had was treatable and curable and depending on natural method of cure through diet likely cost his life. Barrie R. Cassileeth says that Jobs essentially committed suicide.

From the account of Job’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, he claimed that Jobs rejected an offer of surgery for his pancreatic cancer and he later regretted it when his health condition got worse. He rather depended on herbal remedies, vegan diet and even the treatment he saw online. In 2004, Jobs eventually agreed to surgery, pancreaticoduodenectomy, which removed the tumor successfully and Jobs received no chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Tim Cook ran the company in the absence of Jobs and offered a portion of his liver to Jobs in 2009 and Jobs audibly rejected the offer claiming he would never do such a thing. In 2009, Jobs also had a liver transplant which was claimed to be excellent.

Life still own us after all, we don’t own it
August 24, 2011, Jobs resigned as Apple’s CEO. He wrote to the board of his decision to leave. He claimed he had always told them if there would be a day when he could no longer meet his duties and expectations of Apple as the CEO; he would be the first to inform them. Unfortunately, the moment has come and he handed over to Tim Cook.

Death: Good People don’t last
Jobs died at his home in California at about 3 p.m. on October 5, 2011 from complications of his pancreatic surgery. He died beside his wife, children and sisters. Stephen’s sister claims that his last words were monosyllables ‘Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.’ He after that lost consciousness and died. A private funeral was done on October 7, 2011 and was not made public out of respect for Job’s family.
Jobs never a Programmer
Steve Wozniak in his words claimed that Jobs was never a programmer. He explains that Jobs didn’t ever code, wasn’t an engineer and never did an original design. Daniel Kottke, an Apple early employee claims that Wozniak was the innovator and the inventor while Jobs was the marketer.

Jobs was listed either as a primary inventor or co-inventor in 346 patents in the US which ranges from technology to computer, portable devices, power adapters and many more. Jobs contribution to the products was more of the look and the feel.

Even after his death, Jobs had won 141 patents, which is more than that of most inventors in their lifetime and currently, there are more than 450 patents to Jobs’ name.
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Your background should never put your back on the ground. That you were born poor doesn't mean you will die poor. You can change your own story and the story of your generation. Work harder, be innovative, never give up and you will reach your goals.
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