The Great Men's Cross 5: Steve Jobs 3

Now this is ‘Funny’
Jobs was contacted by a friend that his wife was delivered of a baby. Jobs and his girlfriend deliberated on what name to give the child and Brennan suggested ‘Lisa’ which Jobs agreed with though partially denied the paternity of the child. At that time, Jobs was about to unveil a new computer which he wanted to give a female name but Brennan didn’t permit him to use the name Lisa for the computer. 

Jobs worked with his partners and came up with the phrase, ‘Local Integrated Software Architecture’, and this was an alternative to Apple Lisa. Jobs would later agree when he was interviewed that the computer was named after his daughter. At many times, Jobs had misunderstanding with Brennan and Brennan reiterates that he doesn’t need Jobs’ money but Jobs himself.
The Rumble
Jobs vehemently denied the paternity of the baby and a DNA test was done, which later confirmed that Jobs is the father of Lisa. This put a responsibility of $385 on Jobs for the upkeep of the mother and the baby monthly. Since Apple was now popular and Jobs was a millionaire, he instead gave Brennan $500 monthly.

You might be born Poor
In 1978, at the age of 23, Jobs’ worth was over $1 million and it grew above $250 million when he was 25 years of age. Also, he was one of the youngest identified by Forbes as the richest people, and believed to have done it themselves without inheriting the wealth.

In 1978, Jobs enticed John Sculley from Pepsi-Cola to work as Apple’s CEO when he jokingly asked him if he wanted to sell sugared water for the rest of his life or he wants to change the world.
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Office Politics
In 1985, Apple had some problems and setback which made Wozniak to quit the company. Wozniak claimed that for the past five years, Apple had been going in the wrong direction especially the failure of the Macintosh to conquer the PC.

In 1985, Sculley, the one employed by Jobs into Apple would later plan against Jobs to render him inconsequential. Sculley made a plan to reorganize Apple. This plan removed Jobs from the Macintosh Group to go and head New Product Development. This particular decision rendered Jobs powerless in Apple. When the plan leaked and Jobs was asked about this, he decided to leave Apple. 

The board insisted that Jobs would not leave his own establishment and declined his resignation. After few months, on September 17, 1985, Jobs tendered his resignation letter to the board and left. Five senior employees at Apple also resigned along with Jobs to establish a new company, NeXT.

Apple to NeXT
After Jobs resigned in 1985 from Apple, he founded NeXT inc. with $7 million. After a year, Jobs had no money to run the venture and he had to reach out for capital despite no product yet. Fortunately, Ross Perot, a billionaire was interested in Jobs and he invested significantly in the company. Then Jobs was able to produce his first computer at NeXT on October 12, 1988. Steve Wozniak in an interview in 2013 said he felt Jobs was trying to get his head together.

While the English computer scientist, Tim Berners-Lee was making use of a NeXT computer, he invented the World Wide Web in 1989 in Switzerland.

Another venture: Pixar and Disney
Jobs funded Pixar in 1986 from the Lucasfilm with $10 million, out of which $5 million was given as capital to the company and $5 million for the technology rights.
Toy story (1995), which was the first film produced by Pixar and credited to Jobs as the executive producer brought Pixar into limelight. When the agreement between Pixar and Disney was running out, they couldn’t reach consensus and they had to part ways in 2004, where Jobs claimed that Pixar was going to look for another company to distribute its films.
Grow Business Sense
In 2005, Bob Iger replaced the manager, Eisner at Disney and he quickly worked on how to get Steve Jobs back to work with the company and in 2006, Disney agreed to buy all-stock transactions of Pixar which was worth $7.4 billion. After the deal, Jobs became the largest single shareholder at the Walt Disney’s Company. Since Pixar’s stock, 7% at Disney was far more than that of Eisner’s 1.7%, Eisner was totally ousted. Jobs had grown the character of explaining till they understand at any disagreement.

Catmull, Disney Animation Studios President said about Jobs,
                ‘I have known Steve for 26 years and we never had a loud verbal disagreement, though there are disagreements at some time. If I said something, he would quickly shoot it down because he could think faster than I do, I would have to wait a week, call him and try to explain my part of the argument but he will still shoot it down. Then I might have to wait for months when he would later tell me oh, I got your point, you were right, or I might think he is right or there was no agreement and he would allow me do it my own way’.

Family first, learn to say Sorry
Jobs girlfriend, Brennan explained that after Jobs was pushed out of Apple, he many times apologized on what he did to her and the baby, Lisa. She further explained that Jobs agreed that he never played his part; he didn’t take responsibility when he ought to and was very sorry for his actions. In order to make up for his wrongs, he developed a serious relationship with Lisa at the age of nine and Jobs changed the name on Lisa’s birth certificate from Lisa Brennan to Lisa Brennan-Jobs.
The hidden Part that makes us Sad
Jobs was not comfortable not knowing his parents but also never wanted his adoptive parents Paul and Clara Jobs to feel bad and think he doesn’t recognize them as his parents. He claimed to love them so much and never wanted them to know that he was searching for his real be continued
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