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Les Brown
The Great Men's Cross 6: Les Brown 1
Follow your Dreams
Brown started to read books on public speaking and also studied the habits of speakers that are established. He started speaking at grade schools, then high school, clubs and organizations. Not up to four years, he was honored with the National Speaker’s Association’s, the Peer Award of Excellence, first ever given to an African American. His former label of ‘Educably Mentally Retarded’ became ‘The Motivator’.

From one of Brown rhetoric, ‘Victories can be a barrier to development if you unconsciously celebrate them for long’. So many people assume success to be sainthood. Success doesn’t make one a great person; how one deals with it decides that. One must not allow victories to become ends unto themselves. Brown was now on a spree of making and inspiring people to achieve their own goals and not just to win awards.
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He started to speak to a wider audience, right from American Telephone and Telegraph to General Electric, Procter and Gamble, prison inmates and also children with a similar background to himself. He claims he has a responsibility to give back and he is who he is because of the relationships he developed and the people who enriched his life. In his book, Live Your Dreams, he focused on areas of personal deficiency including fear, laziness, courage dreams, inattentiveness and many more.

According to Brown, one has to accept life’s realities. You can miss a bus, your paycheck may bounce, your car refuses to start and that is life. This might just be a setup so that we can learn and grow. I have faced life’s obstacles and have been motivated and inspired to overcome those just to get my dreams through; I therefore inspire those that have been run down by life’s misadventures’.

Resounding Success
The next book released by Brown after Live Your Dreams was It’s Not Over Until You Win! and How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be- No Matter What the Obstacle. These two books sold more than half a million copies together.

In May of 1997, he left his job and wanted to spend more time on speaking and also to treat prostate cancer. However, Brown never stopped to make a difference in his own generation.

Never make excuses for your failure, if you were to listen to the travails of others, you would have a pity on them. Always know that you are not passing through the worst of problems, but just what you need to overcome before you become what you want to be. Take on new challenges every day. Fight for what you want and believe in yourself. The opinions of people about you don’t matter as long as you don’t allow it to get to you. Complain not, moan not, whine not, just face them, the glory is at the corner!!!
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The dreams of a man are like fuel; dreams are different as fuels are also different. Dreams burn at different rate similarly with fuels. Some people's dream burn so much in them that they have conquered sleep just for the dream to become reality. Some also wish their dreams become reality but they are not really disturbed in their current position (the comfort zone). 

Some don't even have dreams at all. In which category do you fall into? An anonymous speaker once said, 'Lamborghini don't do adverts on television because those that can afford it don't watch television'. 

This may not be totally true, but it makes some sense. Bill Gates once said he saw the schedule of Warren Buffet and imagined how somebody could be this fixed up. In life, as you live your daily activities, make sure you are doing something at every point in time. and not just anything, but something productive. 
Les Brown

It is either you are adding knowledge or sharing knowledge. Never be idle, be consistent in what you do and never get tired of failing, your own time is just yet to come. See you at the top fellow!!!
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