The Mirror and Mirage of Life 2

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According to Michael Smurfit, ‘Never accept failure, no matter how often it visits you. Keep on going, never give up’. This particular challenge was fully taken up and covered in the article Consistency: Why Still water runs deeper. Life tends to pick the strongest exactly how nature deletes the weakest. Nobody knows or cares about the time the business was going up and down like a pendulum bob. All the moment you were burning the night candle and trying to pass that particular exam, yet, all they see is the success. 

Anyway, whether people care about your hustle or not, whether they know how much you spent in money and strength to get to where you are now, one thing is certain, the success belongs to you and not them. Robing Sieger says, ‘When enthusiasm and commitment take root within a project, that project comes to life’.
The British novelist, Charles Dickens says, ‘Subdue your appetite my dears, and you have conquered human nature’. Also, the strong words of Jesse Jackson, a U.S. clergyman and politician on hearing that he had not been selected as a running mate to Dukaki in the 1988 presidential election said that, ‘I am too controlled, I am too clear, I am too mature to be angry’. This particular point of reflection was well explained in the 3 Power Packs of Life, which includes Maturity, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discipline

A man without discipline is never going far. One of the ways business men remain on the highest platform and most times maintain their wealth rank is self-discipline. At least, with billions of dollars in cash and assets, they could afford almost all the luxuries of life, yet, they won’t. Never would the mirror show when they were managing little money to meet up with demands, when they would suffer their appetites, douse their wants and satisfy their needs, to avail them the opportunity to save. Truly, mirrors can’t be trusted.

The Roman poet, Sextus Propertius says, ‘Even if strength fails, boldness at least will deserve praise: in great endeavors even to have had the will is enough’. According to Arthur Koestler, ‘If the creator had a purpose in equipping us with a neck, he surely meant us to stick it out’. Bill Gates had the courage to drop out of the best school in the world to face another venture he was not sure of; I mean this is a great risk. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg all dropped out to face a dream that they think is bigger than the one they are doing. Imagine if they didn’t take the courage to drop out and follow their heart. Yet you see their success, empire, glory, endowment and wished you had them. 
The question is can you also drop that particular thing you are doing without knowing why you doing it and face what your heart thinks it is best for you. Yours can actually be going back to school or dropping out of school, it can also be establishing that particular business, learning that particular skill or resigning from that 8 – 4 job and starting your own establishment. If mirror would not show your courage, at least have it. Adolf Hitler says, ‘The world belongs to the man with guts! God helps him!’

Alice Foote MacDougall says, ‘It is the small doubts of timid souls that accomplish their ruin. It is the narrow vision, the fear and trembling hesitation that constitute defeat’. Doubt is one of the ugly sides of the mirror that it refuses to show. Now let us be realistic, there is no one without a doubt. At a time in our life, we have reservations about some decisions we make that directly or indirectly affect us. It is not really easy to take decisive actions and decisions that are very important and significant in one’s life like dropping out of school, going back to school, resigning out of job, getting married, setting up a business and so on. However if one doesn’t, one might not move to the next stage of life or one gets trapped. Just like how Bill Gates had some doubt on Microsoft as he thought of going back to school if it didn’t work, well, one can also have some doubts, but it shouldn’t be more than the courage

Always see the end result and not the means. Your regrets would be greater if you didn’t try than when you tried and it didn’t work out. Doubt in itself is good, it shows intelligence and it helps in decision making. It shows one is rational and would hardly make a wrong decision. However, after proper analysis, courage should follow. Scott Fitzgerald says, ‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function’. This was properly followed and used by Bill Gates.

The English theologian, Richard Hooker says, ‘Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better’. The only constant thing in life is change. Most of the world known men and the most decorated all started small, I mean, no great man can come forward to say he started big. In the story of Jack Ma, he said, in the first three years he started Alibaba, he never made a dollar, but he keeps changing tactics and making adjustments. Of course, you are not expected to start big, else that big dream will have no strong foundation to stand on and collapse soon

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Your starting small and making adjustments till you become popular and big count for the experience and foundation you are laying to put your castle. All the same, make sure whether your venture is profitable or not, whether it is doing well or not, always add new things, always make adjustments. If one is not working, then try the other; don’t instead give up on it. 

From the lovely words of C.L.R. James, the Trinidadian writer, political theorist and educator in Beyond a Boundary, he says, ‘Time would pass, old empires would fall and new ones take their place…before I discovered that it is not quality of goods and utility which matter, but movement; not where you are or what you have, but where you have come from, where you are going and the rate at which you are getting there’...The Mirror and Mirage of Life 3
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