How to Identify Intelligent People

Intelligent people
Intellect is invisible to the man who has none – Arthur Schopenhauer. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand or deal with new situations; or the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment

Identifying intelligent people is not quite difficult, because it is a special and discrete trait. These people are well different, right from how they do things. They are of the habit of making difficult things simple and simple things difficult. The exact things everyone finds so difficult, they find their way through it. But what you think comes so easy to a person not so intelligent, may come difficult to intelligent people, especially the social skills. Anyway, how can you identify Intelligent people;

1. Intelligent people are calm most times in new environment (Observant)

Intelligent people are not known to be garrulous, except for interesting topics that fascinate them, like mathematics, science, programming, politics and other things. They don’t really like short talks; they prefer lengthy talks, however in interesting topics. So, when intelligent people get to a new environment, they may go unnoticed. They may not talk, but are much aware of the environment than other people. They know about the things that are being discussed, but they first want to be familiar with the new environment. While others are jumping around, they are there in one corner noticing the new environment and calculating how they would behave subsequently.

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2.    2. Intelligent people are extremely curious

Have you ever seen a person so adamant on finding a solution to a problem, and would not stop till he solves it. Such person is likely intelligent. When intelligent people are daunted with problems, they would keep thinking about the problem, either in the bathroom, when they are in bed or wherever, they would still keep thinking about the problem. They find it difficult to sleep and even wake early, until they are able to solve the problem.

3      3. They don’t argue with Idiots

Intelligent people find it difficult to argue with idiots. According to Abu Abdullah, No tool is more beneficial than intelligence. No enemy is more harmful than ignorance. Intelligent people make sure they waste little or no energy on frivolities, and they count idiot as one. Once they ever try to ratiocinate with you, and they discover your line of argument is so weak, they stopped arguing with you. Even when you try to prove some instances to them, they just agree with you, to limit the length of time they spend with idiots. Once things are not making any sense around them, they avoid it.

4.      4. Intelligent people listen more

While intelligent people like to make strong arguments, they also like to listen and learn more. Aristotle says, Intellectual virtue owes both its birth and its growth to teaching...while moral growth comes about as a result of habit. They see every opportunity as one to learn from. Whatever happens to them, whether failure or success, is a lesson. Once they see new things, they are glad and curious to know what it is.

5.    5. Intelligent people read a lot

Also, intelligent people are good and voracious readers. They know secrets are found in books, and they use that opportunity to learn faster and earlier than their peers. Even when a book is boring or unnecessary, they still don’t mind reading it to the end just to satisfy their curiosity of finishing a book and moving to the next.

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6.    6. Intelligent people have their own company of friends

Another common characteristic of intelligent people is in selection of friends. Intelligent people do not move with anybody. They carefully select and move with people that could help their knowledge and not damage their brain. They evaluate you once you try to come close, should you have something to offer, they keep you close. If they see you trying to damage their brain with your ignorance and laziness, they move away from you. The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him – Niccolo Machiavelli.

7.    7. Intelligent people have great sense of humor and self-control

Intelligent people also crack jokes. In fact, there is a difference between their joke and anybody else. If you looked well into their joke, sometimes, you may not want to laugh because it isn’t funny, rather, you should look deep into the joke, and you will see them trying to pass a message, but in a sarcastic manner. They don’t do nonsensical talks, but they have some fun sometimes.

Also, intelligent people have a solid hold of their mood and state of mind. They only do the things they want to do, if they don’t want to, they won’t. They have high self-control and know how to caution themselves in public, private or with the opposite sex. Don’t be surprised you find it hard to manipulate them; rather, they outdo you in your own game.

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8.    8. Intelligent people have failed several times

Finally, failure isn’t novel to intelligent people. In fact, they know more about failure than success. The best way to know how to do a thing, is to know how not to do it. They don’t see failure as a bad thing, but a means of learning. Once they fail, they try again and they don’t give up till they succeed. While others get broken down with failure or lose hope, intelligent people see it as one of the best thing to happen.
Therefore, you can be able to identify intelligent people henceforth, while they may not even be able to identify themselves. Intelligent people don’t see themselves as intelligent, because they believe they don’t know enough. They always want to know, so they believe they are still learning, while they are miles ahead of other people.

Sometimes, intelligent people find the simple things difficult. This is left for you to find out. You may find doing a thing so easy, but they find it difficult. A reason which is likely is that, for everything, they try to relate it mathematically, develop a strategy by which it works in their mind, and thereby find the secret to doing it better. While doing that, you think it is quite simple and they should do it quickly, meanwhile, a little bit difficult to conceptualize to the stage they wanted.

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But if God had wanted us to think with our womb, why did He give us a brain? – Clare Booth Luce. Most times as well, intelligent people find noise around them as a problem because they are easily distracted. Noise disturbs their thinking and may affect them. They love their environment to be quite cool and maybe dark just to minimize distraction. Many times, their brains are used to picking things up and thinking about them all the time, so they minimize what their eyes see, what their ears hear to maintain focus.

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Judgment is the typical act of intelligence...Perception is a judgment of place; memory, a judgment of time; imagination, a judgment of ideal worth. – John Dewey.

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